Celebrating The Launch Of A “Pure” Fragrance For The Sophisticated Lady!

I was lucky enough to attend the extravagant launch of Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure in the Issey Miyake offices in early June and was blown away not obnly by the scent, but by the fact that there was an official “fragrance launch” dance done by a few very talented prima ballerinas before the guests got to sniff this gorgeous perfume! The dancers hid inside a giant box with the fragrance logo on it–they carefully descended upon it in the dark wearing robes, and after a few words from perfumer designer (aka “nose”) Dominique Ropion, the ballerinas descended gracefully from the box in white ballet gear. That box seemed to magically open! Next, elegantly dressed models handed samples of Pure out to the guests from a try–the fragrance was handed out via a glass “sniff droplet” on an elegant white card. To say that the sophisticated crowd was impressed was an understatement.        

It has been 24 years since the arrival of the original L’Eau D’issey fragrance so this new fragrance has been anticipated with bated breath and it does not disappoint. Says Ropion, “It is a very structured fragrance…and thoroughly compact…with a confident sensuality provided by Cashmeran, this molecule that is both warm and soft, midway between wood and musk. This creates a vibrant result, supported in the spine of the fragrance by ambergris, with mineral and animal inflections. Yes, there is a clear “second skin” effect in this new fragrance, an original purity: it seduces without being seductive, envelopes without being oppressive and electrifies with grace and simplity,P

Bottle designer Todd Bracher has created a unique clear glass bottle inspired in shape by a droplet of water with a sleek chrome cap. It fits perfectly in a woman’s delicate palm. The fragrance will be available in mid-July at fine department stores (price is $108 for a 3 oz. EDP).

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