Gucci Cosmetics: A Luxury Line That I Immediately Fell In Love With

I was lucky enough to check out the new Gucci Cosmetics line at Saks during their September Beauty Week and was mesmerized by the display even before I got to check out the actual products. I had a great intro to the line through one of their head makeup artists Aaron Smith Henrikson, who has done work on celebs such as Madonna and has consistently done makeup for glassy mags’ photo shoots and for many of the Gucci launches. (The Gucci Cosmetics line was actually first introduced in Dubai this past July and Henrikson traveled there for it. It was a massive success with many items selling out!)

Henrikson wowed me by starting off with the wonderful Cleansing Water and Silk Priming Serum. I fellin love with the lightweight-feeling Liquid Lustrous Glow Foundation and he suggested colors I could use in spring, winter (when my skin is lighter) and for contouring. It looked really natural and he covered my imperfections with Luminous Perfecting Concealer applied with one of the Gucci Cosmetics Lip Brushes (yes, they have fantastic brushes as well as cosmetics)! I was wowed that he used both the Nude Freesia and Spring Rose blushes on me as the exact two were used by him on Madonna all through her last concert tour. One was used on the apple of my cheek for color and the darker one was used for contouring just under the eye areas.

Eyes-wise, Henrikson used shades from most of the wonderful Quads palettes all mixed together–Neutral Smokey from the Crystal Copper Quad, Brightness from the Pink Flamingo Quad and Tuscan Storm from the Basic Neutrals Quad. He used Brow Pencil #20 (Brunette) on me, which is already a runaway bestseller in the line, as it does not move all day! He showed me how to use the Iconic Black Gel Pencil which can also be used as a shadow (but you have only five seconds to smudge it before it sets to a beautiful and longlasting finish). He then used the Liquid Black Liner which also amazed me with its dramatic look and long wear and suggested for a change I try the Cocoa Liquid Liner.

For lips, the affable Henrikson used the #30 Raw Garnet Lipliner on me and filled in my lips by mixing Matte Lipsteick #250 Heartbreaker and Sensuous Deep Lipcolor in #30 Orchid Overdose. I love the clever names of the Gucci Cosmetics products–not just the quality!

He finished off my face with a dusting of Satin Matte Powder in #15. While Henrikson was only around for Beauty Day, you can go to Saks and ask for the wonderfully talented Hugo who is ALWAYS there to do your makeup and he will make an incredibly thorough “chart” of how and where to apply each product that he picks out for you. I went to Saks flagship store on Fifth Avenue, but you can get Gucci Makeovers at any Saks or Nordstrom across the country! Definitely check out this affordable luxury for yourself (eyeshadow quads go for about $66 and foundation goes for $65 but all other items are priced lower, do definitely treat yourself)! For more info, got to I bet you will agree that no more gorgeous eye shadow palette exists than Pink Flamingo (pictured left)! It is simply a super stunner to those of us who love pink and mauve shades.

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