Lovin’ LaCoste For Spring/Summer 2017: They’re Not Just About Polo Shirts!

While LaCoste’s crocodile polos are longtime legends (and I am simply mad for the polos with the GIANT crocs on them because they always make me chuckle especially on a child), this company known for high quality and durable fashions has wonderful accessories. Their handbags are classic and fashion-forward and I love the way they have so many compartments. They are one of the few companies that really make useful and fashionable fanny pack/cross body styles, and their sneakers are behind adorable. The classic “deck” sneakers with the crocs are just so comfy and seem to fit even the widest feet.

Coming up for spring are many of the classic looks including polos in bright colors, not to mention brightly colored belts, wallets, hair accessories and bags. Many can be mixed and matched due to the use of certain patterns each season and appeal to a great variety of ages. This spring, there are cotton pique polos which add a little spice and texture to the classic polo look. There is unique print bedding and yes, you can get sheets with crocodiles on them if you wish!

For those looking to buy great Christmas items for the man, woman or kid in their lives, look no further than the super warm quilted bomber jackets currently online at lacoste.com and in their stores. There are also many crisp plaid and patterned button down shirts that your guy will never tire of wearing! I need to add that they have the most helpful customer service in the LaCoste stores and each item is neatly arranged by color. For more info, go to http://www.lacoste.com. In case you are curious, they even have baby items. How cute are the baby girl croc socks to the left? There are plenty of cute baby items to go with those as well! LaCoste is always your go-to clothing retailer for a reason–they give great quality for the price and you get great mileage from their styles

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