Back To The Beach (Without Actually Going To The Beach) Thanks To The Beachwaver!

I was lucky enough to go to a Beachwaver event with inventor and legendary hair stylist Sarah Potempa–who demonstrated many great effects the different size Beachwavers can create. It was a bloggers event at the glamorous Dream Downtown Hotel in Chelsea (complete with a wooden hot tub on the hotel suite’s deck that blew my mind and made lots of people want to run out and buy a swimsuit in Chelsea Market)! Sarah recently did the hair for the big Victoria’s Secret show telecast live from NYC and just hearing about it exhausted me. At the event, Sarah worked on gals with long hair and showed how the magic happens. It’s simple–you grab about an inch worth of hair thickness, put the barrel of the Beachwaver in the center of the piece vertically and then push the button so it twirls around the hair. You can then pin the piece up with one of their colorful clips or let it hang loose.

I got to take home a 1.25″ barrel size model and proved for myself that The Beachwaver works on short hair (the second size available is .75″). My hair is layered and none of my hair is longer than 6″. I left only a tiny bit of the ends loose and then pushed the button. I have to say that the device actually have me a tighter curl than I would have with a regular curling iron and more bounce and body than I would have with a flat iron. So I would definitely consider The Beachwaver (which is available at worth the $129. You can probably get an extra day or two out of your short style without having to wash it. (I have been using dry shampoos on alternate days just because I have an oily scalp.)

For more general info on this hair necessity, go to Check out their great hair accessories and info on Sarah while you are there!

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