Posh Nation Unites In New York City–And Girls Who Love To Shop Go Wild!

Being a huge fan of Poshmark because it offers the lowest prices on clothing and accessories by my all-time favorite designer Emilio Pucci (and I don’t mind Chanel or Marc Jacobs, either) made me want to run to the #POSHNATION party at Adoro Lei. At first I thought I would be attending a shopping party, but it actually was a “mix and mingle” of sellers from the tristate area. They had drinks, the fabulous Adoro Lei pizza, talked shop, exchanged buiness cards, posed for photos with props in front of a POSHNATION logo “step and repeat” and formed new friendships. Did I fail to mention the great raffle at the end (prizes included a $100 Poshmark credit and the giveaway of a designer bag).

In case you are not familiar with Poshmark, regular people like you and me can sell their unwanted items and listings are much easier to create than on EBAY. You just upload pics and do a short description and then potential buyers can leave comments on the actual listing or privately contact the buyer. They are allowed to make offers as opposed to paying a set listing price. Usually a 15 per cent discount is offered when you buy three items from one seller and postage is a set $5.95 for each listing. Sellers collect their money only after they confirmed that they got their item on the site and are happy with it. I can’t think of a more fun place to shop online and I love that you can do a search of your favorite legendary European designer and hundreds of great listings will pop up!

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