I Have Never Felt So Royally Relaxed In My Life As At Sheva Royal Thai Spa!

I fell in love with the Premier 57 spa the minute I walked through its doors at 115 East 57th Street–it’s tucked inside an office building and it is hard to believe that any spa this spacious could be in midtown Manhattan. Formerly the Spa Castle, the Premier 57 staff renovated their space to have the latest and the greatest. Yes, you can get standard spa services like Hot Stone Massages, pedicures and manicures but Premier 57 has several types of saunas that include the Low Soil Sauna and the Color Therapy Sauna. You can also experience numerous types of hydropools, which include smaller ones up on a roof deck that people will admit to enjoying while it’s snowing! (Now that is a NYC experience that would be hard to beat and I plan on trying it for myself this winter!)

Memberships to Premier 57 will be available shortly and at this time anyone can pay $75 per day and enjoy anything the spa has to offer all day long. Food and special services like massages are extra. I strongly recommend getting the 50 minutes hot stone massage by Denesa. You will never feel so relaxed and she is very careful to ask just how comfortable the pressure she is using feels. All of the massage therapists cater each service to their customer’s needs and talks about any physical issues they may be having before starting.

After the wonderful services, what I enjoyed for nearly two hours was sitting in the large hydropool upstairs that has a bar nearby (although you cannot take the drinks into the water). The largest hydropool contains different spouts that will apply water pressure whereever you want it. All these water features work via a sensor so they can just tell when someone has placed themselves nearby.

There is a large relaxation room where you can charge your phone, sit at a table and chat with friends and even go order fantastic authentic Korean fare like Bulgogi Beef (that is very reasonably prced at $14 for a large portion). About 15 feet from the food counter is a wonderful juice bar where large drinks are whipped up fresh and brought to your table for $9. You are allowed to customize your concoction with any available fresh ingredient.

All locker access and payments are done via a special digitals key given on your way in, which is alone provides a big wow factor. For more info on this amazing 39,000 square foot oasis in the middle of the city, go to http://www.premier57.com

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