Tea With NBC’s Bobbie Thomas: Everything I Wanted To Know About Infertility But Was Afraid To Ask!


Whomever said that infertility and scones don’t mix have not had tea over baby talk with the gorgeous Bobbie Thomas, the NBC Today Show personality/style maven who went on camera to discuss the problems she was having a baby at age 41 due to cysts and other problems. No one has ever discussed this on their regular TV gig before as far as I can remember, and happily the raven-haired beauty has hooked up to be the spokesperson for http://www.myfertilityfacts.com. She says it was not easy trying to hide the five or ten pounds packed on from taking hormones that seemed to only be in the “baby belly” area or the emotional rollercoaster she was on for over a year.

Thomas told yours truly and about a dozen other bloggers about the many myths behind infertility–and she is quick to point out that it takes two to tango and that it just might be a woman’s significant other who is having the fertility problem, not HER! She also is a big fan of the infertility quiz on myfertilityfacts.com because while it is not a substitute for a consultation with a fertility doctor, it might just get you pointed in the right direction if you are having problems conceiving. Surprisingly, a lot of fertility treatments are covered by insurance. Most importantly, the site also points out many resources many wannabe moms and dads would never have thought of on their own. Yes, there is hope–and more options than ever!

Article by anne241

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