I Hopped To IHOP on National Pancake Day–And Was Completely Dazzled As I Drizzled On The Syrup!

I recently attended a bloggers’ breakfast that included a presentation from affable IHOP President Darren Rebelez. I was impressed how knowledgable he was about the menu and went into the current IHOP choices. They are ever expanding thanks to a team of gourmet executive chefs as advisors. They not only have ridiculously great pancakes–with plenty of promotions that will get you a Short Stack for free or a buck–but their waffles, omelets, sausage and hash browns are to die for. I have to confess that their hash browns have become an obsession and they come out of the kitchen perfectly golden and are composed of high quality Russet Potatoes. Let’s not forget the luscious featured item of the moment, the Corn Flaked encrusted Double Dip French Toast!

My other secret new obsessions that I discovered at the IHOP bloggers breakfast is both their Red Velvet Pancakes (drizzled with white icing and topped with whipped cream) and the New York Cheesecake Pancakes (made with real chunks of cheesecake folded into the batter). I have heard so many raves about the Pumpkin Pancakes served in the fall season (they used fresh pumpkins) and trying them has to be my next mission–but in the meantime I will visit and make sure that I have my aforementioned faves! Let me remind you that there are at least five syrups to choose from on every table at IHOP so you do not have to just stick with maple syrup (yes, you can have your beloved strawberry or blueberry syrup with your pancakes or waffles). I also love IHOP’s friendly service and they way the wait staff checks back with you every ten minutes or so to see if you need everything else. They also make good suggestions about food items that might be up your alley–including their “fit menu” that includes egg white omelets under 300 calories.

There is truly something for everyone at IHOP from the most serious foodie to grade school kids who just want a big moist stack of pancakes with butter and maple syrup (and FAST)! To check out the IHOP menu which includes promotions, go to http://www.ihop.com.

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