Shakin’ It With Shaklee Life Products! (Yes, There Are High Nutrition Products That Taste Good!)

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to have a one-on-one meeting with the friendly and super-informative Dr. Bruce Daggy, an internist who is the Chief Science Offer at Shaklee. Shaklee was interestingly enough the first company to come with with a meal replacement/nutrition shake over 50 years ago–and over the years they have updated the formula for both taste and nutritional contents!

I have been personally using the Shaklee Life Vanilla and Chocolate Energizing Shake Mixes. They give you that quick but nutritious start to your day and keep an edge off hunger. I find that they also keep me energized enough to avoid the mid-afternoon slump that I have always gotten after a day of running around the city.

Dr. Daggy (or “Dr. Bruce” as I call him) pointed out to me that these shakes are not just special because if their high vitamin content, but also because they contain an amazing 24 grams of the finest quality plant-based non-GMO protein, nine essential amino acids, one billion CFUs of probiotics to support digestive and immune health, Omega 3 for heart and brain health and luecine to help preserve lean muscle.

“Dr. Bruce” strongly advises that  your best “one-two punch” in the morning is to combine a Shaklee Energizing Shake with the Life With Iron Strips. You get 30 strips in a box and on each strips are the two Vivix tabs for cellular health, OmegaGuard Plus for heart, hair, skin and nail health, two Shaklee Advanced Multivitamins for bone and breast health and a B + C Complex tab for immune health and energy. For more info on these easy-to-use products, go to

Article by anne241

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