It’s Time To Skinnydip–Skinnydip London, That Is!

It’s great to find an accessories and tech peripheral site that has so many fun items that you do not know where to start. If you want a cool phone case, super-fun evening bag shaped like a honeycomb complete with bees or a colorful phone charging cord, high quality sleek-looking headphones or a mod makeup bag, go to! A great thing about the site is that they have items that appeal to gals from 9 to 99 and they are so creative and colorful, that you just don’t forget them once you’ve seen them on the site. You MUST have them once you spot them!

There are four items I saw on the site and just had to make mine recently. I love a good makeup case to carry around in my handbag for touchups so I had to have the Chevron Makeup Case. Since it came with a Matching iPhone Case, you know I had to have that to. You can see them to the left. I think any lady would love to have these–they spell out CHICNESS and FUN at the same time! They are only 12 pounds each, which is less than $15 US!

I feel in love with many of the phone cords on The Pink Rope cord is just so girly and fun–but it works great, too! It is 98 cm long–about 38-39 inches–and you can use it with pretty much any Apple product and it only costs 16 Pounds! I love it because it reminds me of the old-fashioned jump ropes of my youth (and that was a long time ago, LOL)!

I also went nuts for the Gold Arrow iPhone case for the iPhone 6/6S, priced at 12 pounds. Arrow patterns are a trend for fall and that is fine and dandy but this case has terrific practical features including being slim and lightweight, providing thorough coverage of the back and side of your phone and being slim and lightweight. Best of all, it does a terrific job of protecting your phone when you get the “dropsies” even though it is lightweight! It truly offers the premium protection that promises on their website.

They also offer great stickers for gals who just have a blast posting them everywhere from the back of their smartphone to their makeup mirror to their school locker! Packs of five stickers are generally about 10 pounds and come in whimsical patterns like suns, shells, mermaids, ice cream cones, rainbows, butterflies and more!

Prices are in British pounds on but use a credit or debit and you will get an emailed receipt back in US dollars. Students get a 20 per cent discount and UK buyers get free shipping if they spend over 20 pounds, which is just so nice of the people! And if you are someone of drinking age that loves to BYOB, they have several adorable flasks for you! Give a couple of weeks for delivery of your package since it is coming from “across the pond”!

Be sure to check out the blog where readers talk about their favorite pieces and even post selfies with them! It’s so fun!

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