Sugar Factory’s Fun-Filled Valentine’s Day Menu: You’ll Love The Fun Vibes And Divine Flavors!

I had never been to a Sugar Factory location before last week and I am glad that I got to experience their ultra fun Valentine’s Day menu—officially called “Love Is In The Air”—which includes classics like filet mignon and prime rib but also has wild and wacky choices! These inventive menu items include red drinks served in red mailboxes (with romantic sayings on them) and still other red drinks served in pink ceramic pigs. There are plenty of over-the-top red desserts including red velvet waffles with chunks of red velvet around the edges. All sorts of paper candy hearts and red gumdrop hearts are spread liberally on a lot of the desserts and stacked on the drink straws as well!

Here is the aforementioned waffle dish simply called the Romantic Waffle—and this is proving to be so popular that guests come in just to share this with their family or a romantic partner. It’s giant and can easily serve four! You get a red Belgian Waffle baked with white chocolate chips, topped with strawberry ice cream and then drizzled with cream cheese glaze. There is plenty of dreamy dollops of whipped topping and squares of red velvet cake on the corners!

The Strawberry Kisses Shake is a work of art as you can see from the photo above. The shakes itself is made with strawberry ice cream and is pretty classic but look how it is adorned with delicious sweet items like Sweet Heart candies, red velvet cake, chocolate frosting and even a Hostess Cupcake! This is worth every penny of the $24 price tag! This is one of the most unforgettable items we have seen on any Valentine’s Day 2024 menu!

For those who like to partake of fancy bar drinks, the Valentine’s Day Menu at Sugar Factory is off the hook! The Love Letter is simply 818 Tequila and muddled strawberries (with a little sugar added) and it was so delicious that you can see that I drank it before I could even get my phone out to take a photo! (I was THAT dying to try it!) The presentation is divine—each drink has a red sugar rimmed glass, a purple orchid and comes in a mailbox. Your waitstaff takes it out of the box for you so there are no spills. The only sad part is that you do not get to keep the mailbox! It would have been a nice V-Day souvenir.

How’s this for a V-Day drink? This looks almost like a beaker in a mad scientist’s lab!! This colorful cocktail is called Cupid’s Crush and it is a mixture of Voli Vodka, Triple Sec and a little cranberry juice. You get quite a large portion and two people can drink one “Lady And The Tramp” style if you ask for a second Crazy Straw from your server. Actually, a regular straw will give your dining partner more room to maneuver! The verdict is still out regarding if this drink has any aphrodisiac powers, LOL!

The Valentine’s Day decorations are plentiful and will get you in the mood for romance. These blow up, lighted sweet heart candy cloth balloons are by the steps from the lobby to the second floor where the dining rooms are. On the way downstairs after your dinner, don’t forget to pick up some candy by the pound in glass jars by the door! There are also some goodies for sale in the glass refrigerator cases on the main floor!

My favorite economical Valentine’s Day dinner would to share this large Hot Honey And Pepperoni Flatbread which is loaded with pepperoni, mozzarella, fresh basil and then drizzled with honey. I have never had honey on any pizza or flatbread but it works. This item, a drink and a shared dessert will definitely fill two people up! You might not even be able to finish everything as I have never seen an American brasserie style restaurant with portions this huge before! You will undoubtedly have an unforgettable time if you go to Sugar Factory on Valentine’s Day but the amazing “Love Is In The Air” will be available for the entire month of February. For more information on this fun Times Square hotspot, go to Here is the direct link to their V-Day menu: Love Is In The Air. Just for the record, you can dress up or down for Sugar Factory! It is truly a place for everyone, especially those who love to have fun and be surprised at the presentation of their food and drinks!

Article by anne241

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