Wonder Bread’s Wonder-Ful Event At Macy’s: Mixing Philanthropy With A “Night Time Breakfast” Prepared by Katie Lee Biegel!

Last night’s event at Macy’s cooking school on the 8th floor was a lot of fun! Katie Lee Biegel and her colleagues made a fabulous “night time breakfast” for about 25 influencers. There were mimosas, frittata, sautéed golden potatoes and the star of the evening, a Caramel Apple French Toast Sandwich made with Wonder Bread.

The event also celebrated Wonderbread’s second time in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and the famous bread company announced that they were donating 10,000 loaves to the New York Food Bank. The float is officially referred to as the Wondership by people at both Macy’s and Wonderbread. The Wondership’s red, yellow and blue accents along with a bundle of large balloons floating above it pays homage to the hot air balloon race that originally inspired Wonder Bread’s branding, according to the company. As the float progresses through the parade route, it showers onlookers with confetti designed to look like it powers The Wondership.

The “class” of 25 food influencers enjoyed asking Katie questions about everything from how to prepare Thanksgiving leftovers to what her young daughter and husband (who is a TV producer) love to eat. Above you can see the fabulous mimosa, frittata and sautéed Golden potatoes that we ate before the Caramel Apple French Toast Sandwich was served.

The Caramel Apple French Toast was made with Wonder Bread which is moist enough to make this a flavor sensation. I wish that I could have had seconds and I am posting the recipe below so that you can make it. I think it is the perfect Thanksgiving morning quick and easy breakfast item!

I dare say that this would also be a great item to munch on while taking in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and waiting for your Thanksgiving guests to arrive. It is the perfect accompaniment during “me time” any day of the week as well!

All the guests at last night’s fabulous event walked away with an official Wonder Bread logo canvas tote filled with goodies including a whisk, logo apron, spatula and of course, a super fresh loaf of Wonder Bread! Now this weekend’s goal is to whip up the Caramel Apple French Toast Sandwich!

Article by anne241

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