Li-Lac Chocolates’ 100th Anniversary: A Sweet Celebration That YOU Can Participate In!

Li-Lac Chocolates is a renowned chocolate brand with a rich history dating back to its establishment in Manhattan a century ago—as a matter of fact, it’s the city’s oldest chocolate house and many adorable vintage chocolate molds are used to make standalone chocolates like Easter bunnies and giant pumpkins! Known for their exquisite flavors and high-quality ingredients, Li-Lac Chocolates has become a beloved icon in the confectionery world. Its legacy is marked by a commitment to crafting delectable treats and delighting chocolate enthusiasts for generations.

This coming Saturday, October 21st, 2023, there will be another big anniversary event open to the public at Li-Lac’s West Village shop at 75 Greenwich Avenue. From 11 am to 5 pm, there will be incredible giveaways and steep discounts. There will be six or seven types of loose candy offered at 1920s prices and classic one pound boxes of chocolates given out to the first 30 people inside the door. Vintage two pound tins of assorted chocolates will be $19.99 instead of $99.99! Everything in the store will be 20 per cent off that is not a “special anniversary price” item. Needless to say, this event will be a great opportunity for chocolate enthusiasts to indulge in some delightful treats and celebrate the rich history of Lilac Chocolates. (You can get all the details on the company’s FB and Instagram accounts!)

Yours truly and other members of the media got to dip chocolates on a conveyor belt in the front of the Li-Lac store and factory in Industry City, Brooklyn last Friday. The owner of the company, Anthony Cirone, and his family were there to cheer us on…but getting to see all the large vintage chocolates is actually what made my visit truly special. I used to see chocolate figurines like those pictured above in the Li-Lac windows when I was just a kid walking through the West Village with my family. You can see how the vintage molds make much more detailed pieces than the molds used today at most “high end” chocolate companies.

Anyway, I had a blast and felt like I was on I Love Lucy when I dropped Oreos and square pieces of fudge into a waterfall of chocolate and then saw my pieces magically float up onto the conveyor belt from the bottom of the “chocolate gusher.” Next, an employee made lines on each dipped piece with a fork-like utensil—I think that the lines are a way to tell one filling from the other when pieces of candy look alike.

It was also a joy to see the candy in the glasses cases when you first walk into the store. You can find dozens of both common and oddball sweets—many of which are made from recipes belonging to Li-Lac for 100 years. The retro vibe and rich taste of Li-Lac products is just too enticing for anyone with a sweet tooth to resist.

On my visit last week, I snuck to the back of the factory to see Christmas candy being put in bags or plastic boxes and then getting a lovely green satin ribbon out on them. These ladies seem to enjoy their work and they really know how to tie bows that stay tight around a package.

Be sure to check out to order if you cannot make it to one of their stores—it’s also the ideal source to get the real “backstory” on this magical place of New York foodie lure!

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