Speakeasy Wine Dinner VIP Preview With Chef Simon Cordes: You Can Book Your Own Customized Dinner In An Amazing Midtown Loft!

I recently went to the Speakeasy Wine Dinner VIP Preview with Chef Simon Cordes that took place at LOFT 29 (located at 208 West 30th Street, Suite 801). You can book this amazing space and get your own customized dinner helmed by Chef Simon and his team! You and your guests get stunning uptown views that cover from West 30th to 40th Streets including a close-up view of a multi colored Madison Square Garden!

Below is the menu with wine pairings that I had at the VIP preview which started with a brief speech by Chef Simon where he explained his attitude towards cooking for large groups and catering to all sorts of dietary needs. The theme was elevated German cuisine. Chef Simon always wants everyone to socialize for an hour before dinner starts with champagne and some handpicked wines. There are personally selected wines for each course, so I mention them below after each dish. Loft 29 is the studio of a famous fashion photographer and there is plenty of room—it’s bigger than most restaurants and you will love the unique lighting and artwork created from fashion photos!

To book Chef Simon and learn more about how he customized each dinner, go to www.chef-simon.com. All guests sit at an ultra long table that can accommodate up to 40 people—so there is a great socializing element to enjoying a meal by Chef Simon! The food is magnificently plated and is super colorful! It tastes as good as it looks!

Leibziger Allerlei

Crab/oyster mushroom/edamame/carrots/asparagus/alba truffle sauce

Bürgerspital, FRANKEN, Würzburger Pfaffenberg Silvaner

White Asparagus

Saffron aioli/speck crumble/chives/marinated radish

Freiherr Von Gleichenstein, BADEN, Grauer Burgunder Gutswein Trocken


Housewife sauce/rösti/pickled onions/dill/trout roe

Chive mashed potato/glazed pearl onions/braised red cabbage/demi-glace

Gut Hermannsberg, NAHE Riesling Sekt Brut

Sauerbraten Rhineland Style

Chive mashed potato/glazed pearl onions/braised red cabbage/demi-glace

Battenfeld-Spanier, RHEINHESSEN, Spätburgunder

Apple Strudel

Cinnamon whipped cream/raspberry coulis

Bürgerspital, FRANKEN, Würzburger Rieslaner


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