GG Tokyo: Unique Cocktails And Modern Japanese Cuisine Make This Your New “Go-To” Spot!

GG Tokyo has got it all—truly unique food and cocktails that you can’t get anywhere else, ultra modern and quirky art and a cozy dining room and bar area. Think of “rustic charm” meeting “chic and sophisticated” and you’ve got GG Tokyo.

There are cozy tables and booths but you might want to sit at the bar. It’s clean and chic and you can order the full menu. It’s also fun to talk to the mixologist and ask his advice for what type of sake to order (they serve many types of it here)!

I started out my meal with GG Tokyo’s most popular drink, the generously portioned Sakura Fizz. This fruity and refreshing cocktail features cheer blossom infused Roku gin, shiso citrus, lemon, hibiscus and seltzer water. You will want to sip this slowly and enjoy throughout your meal. It somehow seems to go with everything!

My second drink was The Kamikaze which features sen-cha infused Haku vodka, shiso citrus syrup, lemon and seltzer water. This drink is fruity and smooth but the froth on top is especially delicious. This is now on my list of NYC’s Top Ten Vodka Drinks!

Food wise, GG Tokyo has sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi and a delectable list of about ten “small plates” that are actually quite big and perfect for sharing. My dining partner Gail and I started out by sharing the homemade steamed Pork Gyoza with a classic soy and rice vinegar dipping sauce. These were juicy on the inside and the shell had a nice “spring” to it. You get five in an order and I probably could eat about 20 of these in my own. They are a really classically Japanese “starter” that you can never go wrong with!

Next up was the amazing herb-topped Marinated Skirt Steak which is actually marinated with a gochujang vinaigrette and served very cleverly—the tender slices of beef are placed upon a generous pile of chorizo hash. The chorizo’s baconish flavor makes this “side” a real standout. The skirt steak is a generous portion size, weighing in at over eight ounces—and it’s so juicy that you will want to come back for it time and time again!

Next we shared the truly unique Spicy Gochujang Rice Cakes served with carmelized onions and a sticky and spicy tomato based curry sauce that has a peppery kick. The rice cakes are shaped like thick fries and are highly addicting. You might want a second bowl even if you’re full. The sauce is just so deeply flavored—there are herbs in the sauce that I cannot quite identify which make this such a special dish.

Next up is as the Kara-Age, which is Japanese fried chicken served with katsuo tartar sauce. The chicken is all white meat and the golden coating is ultra crispy without being oily. This is another super memorable dish. The tartar sauce is creamy and fresh and tastes a bit lemony.

GG Tokyo just has one dessert listed on the menu—Matcha Ice Cream with Candied Orange that is laying in a large bed of homemade crumbled butter cookies. The cool creaminess of the ice cream against the warm cookie crumbles is unforgettable.

Although there is only the Matcha Ice Cream listed on the GG Tokyo menu, they do offer homemade fruit sorbets like the mango one pictured above. Ask your server for the available flavors. The great news is that you get your sorbet on the aforementioned crushed butter cookies and topped with candied orange.

During your visit to GG Tokyo, be sure to check out the oodles of unique modern art pieces including the neon mermaid sign in the front room and the bronzed bikini against the wall on the left side of the bar. GG Tokyo is reasonably priced for what you get: small plates range from $8 to $22, rolls range from $14 to $18 and desserts are $8. Cocktails are $16-$18. GG Tokyo is located at 28th Street between Lexington and Park Avenue South in the Curry Hill neighborhood. Reservations are recommended but not necessary. For more info, go to

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