The Brooklyn Deli Times Square: Classic New York City Deli Food Served With Smiles!

I think that I have discovered New York’s best corned beef—had it yesterday at the Brooklyn Deli Times Square (1501 Broadway) as part of a classic Reuben on a potato roll. The pastrami’s not too shabby either but the corned beef is in a league of its own. Interestingly enough, there is a pizza bar behind glass as well as a full bar about six feet away—so they are a little different than most NY style delis but they do everything well! I like that the margarita pizza comes with a chunk of fresh Burratta in the center and that the cheesecake is topped with fresh strawberries and a chocolate malt sauce.

They have a very special New Year’s Eve four course dinner that will not only include prime rib and poached salmon (and the aforementioned cheesecake) but will get you in a secret and secure way right in the heart of Times Square. Of course, there is also a midnight champagne toast! Be in the middle of the fun without the claustrophobia, LOL! You can make a red by calling 212-840-5800 or by visiting It’s my top choice for New Year’s. I just have to hear those two magical words “prime rib” and I’m there, LOL! The price is $425 excluding tax and gratuity but oh-so-worth it. The meat and fish purveyors are simply top notch–the entertainment will be provided by Brian “Mr. Taptastic” David from Broadway’s After Midnight and Hayley Lampart from Kinky Boots.

Now let’s talk a little more about the Classic Reuben on a potato roll–which you can also get on any bread available including the outrageously fresh marble rye. I had both versions! The corned beef (which is seasoned and smoked by a world class BBQ master in upstate NY) has just the right amount of fat around the edges and it falls apart just like how corn beef is supposed to. I love the homemade lightly spread Russian dressing and imported, “melty” Swiss Cheese. The sandwiches here are normal size, not the freakishly large size that New York delis are known for and they are priced accordingly. The sandwiches at Brooklyn Deli are priced at $12 or $13 bucks, not $25 to $30 like you may be used to. The Reuben sandwiches can have the corned beef substituted with pastrami or organic turkey. This is the first time I have ever seen a turkey option offered on a deli menu for this type of legendary sandwich, and the turkey was pleasantly juicy and moist (something that is not easy to accomplish as those of you who cook their own turkey on Thanksgiving know already)!

I had the pastrami both on a potato roll and marble rye as pictured above. I piled both high with deli mustard and fell in love. I think the most fun you can have at the Brooklyn Deli is to try all three Reubens (corned beef, pastrami and turkey) on both potato rolls and marble rye with two friends on board. it won’t take much work for three people to gobble down three six quality Brooklyn deli classics. I strongly suggest doing this before the big New Year diet’s start to alleviate guilt, LOL! Alternatively, if you are doing a low carb/keto lifestyle in 2023, ordering amy of the savory meats with no bread is not frowned on. Rye is relatively low carb so my plan is to go back and get a big pile of meat and only eat one slice of the soft, fresh and unforgettable marble rye.

Always remember to ask for a side of the Brooklyn Deli’s amazing home made Cole Slaw made with julienned carrots, red cabbage, Napa cabbage, sliced scallions and homemade Russian dressing for the remarkable bargain price of $3.50. The large bowl of golden brown Idaho fries is a crowd pleaser and priced at only $3.95. You can see them pictured above–we had to get a second order! There is also a Yukon Gold potato with Spanish onions, sliced scallions, sweet paprika and fresh dill for $3.95.

Don’t pass on the authentic homemade knishes that are available in both baked and fried versions–both of which are excellent. Of course, the fried version has a crispier outer shell. Be sure to load these delicious potato “pillows” with tons of deli mustard and you will be in “deli heaven.” These blow any of the knishes that you find out at the street carts “out of the water”!

The pizza bar is an unusual and welcome touch at Brooklyn Deli Times Square. The most popular pie is the grandma style Margarita Pizza which has a soft, fresh focaccia style dough. The giant slab of Burratta that is put in the center just before reaching your table is a welcome addition–this soft Italian cheese is oh-so-fresh tasting! There is a vegetarian pizza covered with an assortment of veggies including both red and green peppers, eggplant and zucchini that you will find both healthy and filling. As you can see, these are very large pies that cut into eight generous rectangular pieces and a family of four can get full on just one order! The pizza master behind the counter will let you choose to add or take away toppings as per your preferences–and yes, you can get a simple pepperoni pizza! These pizzas are only eight or nine bucks, making them on of Times Square’s most economical meals!

I suggest ending your meal with some of the great desserts that the Brooklyn Deli Times Square has to offer–but if you want to eat them at the same time you are eating one of their legendary sandwich, cole slaw, pickles or pizza, I am not telling anyone–LOL. There are classic deli desserts like Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Layer Cake and they are generously portioned–but I think that the brownie a la mode is extra filling and I think that is the perfect family dessert. The Strawberry Cheesecake is special to me because it is topped with chocolate sauce with a tinge of malt added and it’s a really unique touch.

The Chocolate Layer cake has is very moist and the icing has a chewy thick consistency that is very reminiscent of fresh fudge. If you dream of a death by chocolate, I strongly suggest this lovely layer cake. For more info on this “must visit” spot for lunch (which is especially convenient if you are coming from a Broadway theater), go to . (They also have another conveniently located Midtown West spot on West 57th.) This resto just opened last month and it one of the latest and most flowing jewels in the Fireman Hospitality Group’s crown. Reservations are not necessary and families are welcome. You’ll love the casual retro decor which includes 1920’s style brown, white and blue floor tiles and plenty of plugs so you can juice your phone (there is pretty much an outlet at every table which is a real rarity in NYC restos)!

Article by anne241

Hardcore NYer who loves to enjoy the good life here in the Big Apple and beyond!