Mosaic Foods Open Their First Store (And It’s Amazing)!

You might already be a fan of Mosaic Foods and have been one of the happy customers who have ordered your vegetarian and vegan meals from there since it first started three years ago. This brand is the forerunner of high end yet reasonably priced frozen vegan meals that can be heated in a flash. Not only that, but recipes are all developed in house and the research and development staff are not afraid to use a lot of fresh spices and herbs to get unique taste sensations. There is nothing bland or “cardboard tasting” about Mosaic Foods dishes–it is like having the world’s most modern and flavorful vegan meals sent directly to your home. As a matter of fact, one of the owners used to work for Blue Apron and was a key figure in their success.

The Mosaic Food Market store, which is located at 607A Vanderbilt Avenue in the pretty and quaint Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn, is a cozy old storefront with a pretty outdoor garden in the back that guests are welcome to sit at and sip their shakes. I was lucky enough to go to the press preview the day before the grand opening on Friday, May 20th and try several of the aforementioned frozen items including the highly acclaimed Mosaic pizzas–which have large chunks of veggies in the crust.

I also got to try the amazing sides pictured above which honestly are big and filling enough to eat as an entree. The folks at Mosaic do not intentionally make low carb/keto foods but the coconut spinach dish pictured on the left only has seven carbs per one cup serving. It’s remarkable delicious as the spinach tastes very fresh–it resembles none of the much tougher frozen spinach that you encounter in regular supermarkets. Herbs that make this spinach really pop include fresh rosemary and basil. Most full size entrees are priced very reasonably at around $8.99 each and family size items which feed four people are $19.99 with a big discount if you buy three or more.

Mosaic Foods is not just about savory foods, either. They make amazing super large cookies as seen above. The cranberry oatmeal cookies are in a league by themselves and there is also a killer chocolate cookie. I have a soft spot for the flavorful spiralina cookie which tastes like a traditional soft butter cookie but has cool blue streaks of spirulina through it! The fact that Mosaic uses unbleached sugar in their baked goods makes a big difference both taste and health-wise!

The Mosaic Foods store is very clean and the foods are very clearly organized as you can see from the Veggie Bowls and Pizza freezer case pictured above. I like that the pizzas come unboxed in plastic that you can see all the toppings, cheese and sauce. They are very filling and cost only $9.99 each; you can buy the broccoli crust alone for $4.49 and put on your own toppings at home. I think that they are the perfect lunch item! The Veggie Bowls are $9.99 or 2/$15.

The Family Size entrees are the best deals in the Mosaic store. They are very large at 2.5 pounds each and made for a family of four; needless to say, the Lasagna Primavera is in the Top Five list of family favorites. As a lover of Indian food, I was glad to see that there are many choices in that style of cuisine including a lot of curries. It is hard to feed a family of four for $20 or less, and if you buy three of these, the price is closer to $15! Overall, there are 70 plus products in the Mosaic Foods line!

Here is the adorable back yard area that is used for Mosaic Foods special events. You won’t want to leave, especially on a sunny day. It oh so very old school Brooklyn! For more info, go to and be sure to sign up for their mailing list to get discounts, order food online and find out about in store happenings! The Mosaic Foods Market store is open everyday from 11 am to 9 pm.

Article by anne241

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