Mother’s Day 2022: The Best Of Food & Beverage Gifting!

Have a mom who’s a foodie and a “bevvie” (beverage lover)? I’ve picked out a few items that you might like to surprise Mom with. You can mix ‘n match them and they are all quite unique (especially the beverage pick)! I have also thrown in Persona Nutrition for the super health oriented Mom so that her daily regime of vitamins are at her fingertips in twice a day individual packs that she takes day and night!

Lady M has been called the “Louis Vuitton of cakes” and it absolutely lives up to its impeccable reputation. You can take Mom to one of the many Lady M boutiques in the Northeast but you can also get their fabulous products mailed out worldwide! Pictured above is the limited edition Coconut Cheesecake which is just available for spring. It is 9″ inches of delightful marscapone, heavy cream and a light whipped coconut cream (for a pretty and tasty detail around the outer rim). The buttery Graham cracker crust is firm and crunchy while the real coconut flake dusting is well, “the icing on the cake”! This cheesecake serves at least 10 and is available to order here for $80 (thank me later for turning you on to this amazing dessert): Lady M Coconut Cheesecake.

H & H Bagels is one of NYC’s most famous bagel brands and they are celebrating their 50th anniversary of being “like no other bagel in the world.”. Their bagels have been kettle boiled and cold water bathed for all of those 50 years and people from all around the world order them! The two most popular types that are chosen by fans from out of town to get shipped out are the plain and everything bagels but we suggest getting a mixed dozen or two for Mom. These bagels freeze remarkably well if you cannot eat the dozen or two in your order right away, making them a great gift. For a real slice of NYC life, you can visit their recently renovated Upper East Side store. The smell in there is something you will never forget. Here’s where you can order a two dozen H & H bagels for mom with free shipping for $69: H & H Bagels.

You may have caught Ecreamery on Shark Tank a while back with all the sharks oohing and ahing over the incredible flavors and creaminess! Ecreamery lets you customize your own ice cream and containers but they have a special four pint Mother’s Day Collection that will please any mom with a sweet tooth. Your family can even have a battle of the ice cream like mine did recently and pick one as a winner (it is very hard to pick a favorite because every Ecreamery flavor is great)! Here are the four flavors that you get in the Mother’s Day Collection (you can see them in the above photo): Mint Cookie Crunch (Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Crunch and Fudge Swirls), Chocolate Cake (Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Brownie Bites & Fudge Swirls), Butter Brickle (Vanilla Ice Cream with Toffee Crunch) and Strawberry (classic creamy Strawberry Ice Cream with real strawberry pieces). This gift is currently on sale for $59.99 and you can order it here (it will be shipped to you in dry ice that keeps it frozen for at least two days): Ecreamery Four Piece Mother’s Day Collection.

If your mom loves unusual soft drinks that also happen to be healthy and only 50 calories to a 12 ounce can, buy her a 12 pack of Bollygood’s sparkling beverages. This is the first Indian inspired sparkling beverage ever on the soft drink market and it has gotten a lot of accolades in the food and beverage press. There are two flavors and they are addicting and slightly spicy: Lime Basil Cumin which tastes like fresh basil and limes freshly picked from a garden or orchard and Lemon Ginger Mint which is a sparkling lemonade that has a remarkable kick! They are low on sugar and have only 16 carbs (plus you get a little of your daily potassium and fiber needs fulfilled). You can order a case of 12 cans for $29.99 here: Bollygood Sparkling Beverages.

You might just be wondering what my top choice for a great Mother’s Day meal is in NYC. Well, for a special holiday like this I always say to go to a resto with a big “wow factor” and Ocean Prime in Midtown meets that demand and more! In case you are not familiar with this legendary steak and seafood establishment which has locations nationwide, OP is the most glistening jewel in the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants family–and you can always count on the freshest ingredients, elegant presentations and large portions. This is the place that invented Lobster Avocado Toast which is made with buttery lobster on a piece of equally buttery brioche toast spread with seasonal sweet pea-avocado spread. Pea tendrils and lemon zest finish off the dynamic taste profile. Also up for grabs as entrees on OP’s Mother’s Day brunch menu are: Crabcakes Benedict, Short Rib Surf & Turf, Smoked Salmon Latke, Prime Steak & Eggs, Brioche French Toast and Blackened Salmoned Salad. Brunch is only served from 11 to 3 this Sunday, so make your reservations now. (I want to go just to try the brunch’s special craft cocktail called the Citrus Rhubarb Mimosa which is made with Giffard rhubarb, fresh orange juice and dry Curacao!) This delightful brunch will only be served from 11 AM to 3 PM on Sunday, May 8, 2022 and you can get more information or make a reservation here: Ocean Prime Mother’s Day Brunch.

Is your mom a barbecue fantatic? What mom isn’t (everyone loves meat or veggies done on a grill). For Mother’s Day, give Mom the best ‘cue out there! Peg Leg Porker, Nashville’s legendary barbecue spot for locals and tourists alike, will ship their ‘cue to Mom via Goldbelly. Owner Carey Bringle’s BBQ is known for its mouthwatering sauces and juicy, smoked-to-perfection pork ribs that are coated with a spicy dry rub after they are cooked. These ribs have been called “perfectly seasoned and smoked” by foodies and the food press, all you Mom will have to do is throw them in the oven! Check out their sets of BBQ sauce and rubs as well as colorful logo merchandise as well (you can see some of these items in the above photo). Go to this link to order ribs, rubs and merch (two racks of pork ribs are $109.95): Peg Leg Porker Ribs And More.

For the mom who loves sweets there is nothing better than Sugarwish! You just go on, select the size of the candy gift that you want to send, then the recipient gets a cute eCard inviting them to choose their favorite treats! Gift selections include candy, cookies, gourmet popcorn, sweet-savory snacks, cotton candy, dog treats, coffee and tea and now even wine! Sugarwish wine gifts (called Vineyard Wine Tastings) let the recipient choose three “glassfuls” of wine that are actually in tubes–that is really what makes a Sugarwish wine gift so unique! All the recipient’s choices get sent in a cool red and white striped box right to their door. I love Sugarwish because it has all the retro candies that I love plus one of the largest flavor selections of gummies around! You can get a four selection Sugarwish Select candy gift box for $34 including postage here (you get three ounces of product in each “pocket” of the gift box): Sugarwish Candy Gift Selections.

I have been a Persona Nutrition fan since it launched a few years ago with a huge press luncheon at NYC’s legendary Tavern On The Green! This is a unique way for Mom to get her daily vitamins because first time customers take a quiz and get a personal RX or what she needs–all her prescription meds and conditions are taken into account. Mon can sign onto the Persona Nutrition site at anytime and tweak her RX and most people have the legendary Persona Nutrition Daily Mutivitamin as the core of their twice daily nutrition packs and can add in specialty items that work for different health situations including weight loss, arthritic pain and needing more energy. I will tell you that the Daily Multivitamin already gives the user extra energy on its own. I want to add right here that the Appetite Support is what I consider to be Persona’s “rock star” product. I lost 75 pounds in two years using it and the “magic” to this product is that it regulates blood sugar. A 28-day customized supply of Persona Nutrition ranges from $50 to $75 which actually comes to be cheaper than buying individual bottles of vitamins and supplements every month. There are 24/7 nutritionists available to chat on the Persona app which is very helpful as well. Send Mom here to take her PN nutritional assessment quiz (BTW, Persona e-gift cards are available): Persona Nutrition Assessment Quiz .