UN Plaza Grill: Where Upscale Fare, Chic Decor & Friendly Service Create Many A Memorable Meal!

I have been to UN Plaza Grill a few times in the past for press events including high end fragrance launches but I never got to sit down for a real meal at this classy kosher eatery until recently. To say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement. My foodie pal Gail and I enjoyed several of the menu’s staples that were beautifully presented, generously portion and came out of the kitchen swiftly. It is rare that I am happy with every dish that I try the first time I am eating somewhere new, but UN Plaza Grill wowed me all the way. For this reason, I vote it The Big Apple’s best kosher restaurant.

Our server suggested the porcini and white mushroom soup which is pastry covered and the item most regulars start off their meal with. It was truly amazing and in all honesty is a meal in itself. You can see the fresh herbs including rosemary and oregano in the thick brown broth not to mention homemade croutons and truffle oil! The pastry crust is golden and flaky. I have never had a pastry encrusted soup before and this is a true winner! I have been obsessing about this mushroom soup ever since I had it.

The beef potstickers that we started with were so amazing! It goes without saying that kosher meat is a cut above the rest and the juicy beef; shiitake mushroom, sesame seed and scallion filling in these potstickers were to die for. They had an authentic potsticker shells that you could tell were freshly made and the outside of each once was delicately pan seared until golden brown and then served with ponzu sauce.

My guest and I ordered both the deliciously golden hand cut truffle fries and Japanese eggplant in classic sweet chili sauce as sides and loved both of them. The eggplant of course is a bit lighter and I would recommend it to the health conscious or hardcore vegetarian diner. The eggplant was so tender and the sauce had just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness.

We also shared the incredible grilled steak tacos. Again, incredible quality kosher meat was the centerpiece and this dish created three large portions. The soft tacos are hand created from flour and corn meal in the UN Plaza Grill kitchen and are served with pico de gallo and guacamole. I think that this would make for an ideal lunch for two people especially when served with one of the great margaritas created by the bar staff.

I never pass up the opportunity to have short ribs and these ranked way up there in my best short rib experiences of all time. The unique sauce contains prunes, red wine and balsamic vinegar which give it a rich yet not too sweet taste. The mashed potatoes are made with Golden Yukons and have a firm yet smooth texture. The roasted Sushito peppers on top were a nice touch and you can get a whole order of them as a side if you desire.

My friend Gail loved her prime grass fed filet mignon served at a medium temperature and “sided” with a roasted tomato and arugula salad. I took a bite and was in awe of the meat’s melt in your mouth texture. You can never go wrong ordering filet mignon but this one was exceptional and generously portioned at 8 to 10 ounces.

For dessert, I can never resist a good chocolate mousse cake and UN Plaza Grill’s version is truly a spectacular twist on a classic recipe. You bite in and there is both mousse and whipped cream inside but on both the very top and at the very bottom you will notice a large piece of dark liquor flavored chocolate that is just the most pleasant touch for chocoholics like myself. The little swirl of berry sauce on the plate is a nice touch as well, both artistically and in terms of adding fruity flavors.

The apple tart is a popular choice and truly amazing. The apples used are slightly tart and the homemade vanilla ice cream adds the perfect degree of sweetness. The UN Plaza Grill pastry chef is obviously a master of French desserts because the layers of golden crust are a bit of heaven. I love that the apples are sliced so thinly and that the juice from the apples absorbed into the pastry underneath them.

Let me add that there is a terrific $69 price fixed right now that gives you three phenomenal courses that includes UN Plaza Grill’s customer favorites. A couple of best kept secret bonuses of dining at this magnificent Art Deco inspired eatery is that you can park all day from 4 pm to midnight for $20 at the garage inside their building and that the resto is located on possibly the most quiet street in all of Manhattan after 5 PM (it’s on the NW corner of 47th and First which is devoid of chain stores and thus foot traffic). UN Plaza Grill is a favorite of diplomats, businessmen and families alike. I strongly recommend it for date night and for taking friends and relatives from out of town “somewhere special.” You can order UN Plaza Grill cuisine delivered from all the popular food apps but I strongly suggest coming in for the gorgeous decor which includes floor to ceiling windows, gorgeous beige leather banquettes, giant ceiling lamps with a whimsical feel and of course the infinite array of unique cocktails (including the Kir Royal cocktail which is unofficially known as the house drink). For more info, go to www.unplazagrill.com.

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    Great review Anne, and equally beautiful photos!

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    Thanks so much, Gail!!! Love your resto reviews on worleygig.com!

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