McCafe Celebrates Feel Good Day In Union Square All Day Today! Head On Down For The Ultimate NYC Summer Event!

Need something fun to do today that is on til late at night and is free, with drinks, music and games? Then the McCafe Cheer Garden Pop Up is right up your alley. Just head down to Union Square which has been made into a local fun fest complete with McCafe’s delicious lattes in Vanilla, Caramel and Mocha. (After all, today’s not very well-known but not-to-be-overlooked holiday is Feel Good Day.) You will be able to try all the flavors and take some 13.7 ounce bottles home. You will also have opportunities to check out the new 40 ounce bottles which went into mass market stores in April and to play games for fantastic McCafe branded prizes like cozies, beach towels and metal hot and cold cups with matching metal straws. There will he literal dancing in the streets as there will be a live deejay who will be taking requests. I was lucky enough to get a little taste of this fun event in advance thanks to the recent McCafe press event at Tavern On The Green to celebrate both Feel Good Day and the release of the 40 ounce bottles of McCafe.My guest and I especially enjoyed the games. We failed at the ring toss (pictured above), only got one bean bag in each at the bean bag toss but kicked ass in the giant Connect Four game. There was Jenga at the press event as well. We never got around to playing Jenga but you will get to if you head to Union Square. There will be a super cute photo op in front of the McCafe logo with professional equipment and you can email your pics directly to yourself or others right there! If you have not tried the delicious McCafe yet, I have nothing to say except that it is the perfect cold summer drink–and New Yorkers need it this weekend as temperatures get over 100 degrees. These drinks are a real steal at two bucks per bottle average retail price and the mocha has particularly won my heart. (It’s not too sweet like many iced coffees at fancy coffee spots and bottled in supermarkets.) Hope to see you down in Union Square today!