YO1 Luxury Nature Cure: A Tranquil Retreat In The Catskills That Will Become Your Second Home

The first Nature Cure destination of its kind in America, YO1 Luxury Nature Cure is a brand new luxury wellness retreat created to awaken the body’s ability to self-heal (it opened in Monticello, NY on the former site of Kutcher’s Resort on June 21). Surrounded by 1,310 acres of natural beauty, including two lakes and lush green forests in the Catskill Mountains, the wellness destination is only two hours travel time from The Big Apple. It provides all-inclusive, individual wellness programs customized to yield results through the ancient Indian therapies of Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Yoga.
Practitioners from India who are experts in these 5000-year old practices address the root cause of each guest’s health issues and develop comprehensive and completely customized programs, featuring up to 10x treatments per day including hydrotherapy, mud therapy, reflexology, yoga and more, as well as 100% organic paleo meals and juices.
The highly customized program here is designed to help people throughout every stage in life. Each visit to Y01 is asunique as the guest visiting. Here are some of the reasons you might plan a visit to YO1:
• You’re experiencing stress and you need to relax.
• You want to detox and rejuvenate.
• You’re ready to find smarter ways to manage your weight and/or fitness.
• You want to rid yourself of physical pain, discomfort or other health concerns.
• You hope to discover a better way to age and live a longer, healthier, more active life.
• You’re curious and want to know more about the practices of Nature Cure, such as
Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy.
• You long to learn a more authentic approach to living a healthy lifestyle

Regardless of your reasons, if you are committed to truly altering your lifestyle to promote holistic health and wellbeing, only YO1 Luxury Nature Cure offers an immersive and authentic Indian Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy program that is completely designed and customized around YOU. Two important requirements for your YO1 experience are an open heart and open mind. These will enable you to embrace not only the philosophy and the therapies, but the serious commitment and discipline that are necessary to create real change.
I was lucky enough to be able to be treated to a mini Ayurveda foot massage from Y01 staff at the recent ISPA press event at Gotham Hall where editors sampled treatments from spas and hotels around the world. The Ayurveda foot massage has a lighter touch than most foot massages but leaves on feeling more relaxed than a standard Swedish or sports massage. Every guest at ISPA also took a Dosha quiz titled “Discover You” on a tablet to better understand how their body and spirit work together. I was determined to be a Vata meaning that I have the “mobile nature of wind energy.” I learned that being Vata also means that I have anxiety, dry skin and that I dislike cold and wind. The staff suggested that a maintain a daily schedule, do daily Abhyanga, not skip meals or eat cold food. I obviously could leanr more if I visit the Y01 spa firsthand and I hope to do that in the coming year.
For more info on this fascinating retreat located at 420 Anawana Lake Road in Monticello, NY, go to www.yo1.com. You can also email them at yo1@yo1.com and follow their FB page. A lot of people have gone there for weight loss and pain control via acupuncture, so be sure to ask about those programs.