Godiva’s Still The “Go-To” Chocolate For Easter!

What is Easter without Godiva in your basket? No fun at all, that’s what. I am headed out to pick up some today and I urge you to do the same. You can always count on them for high quality at a fair price, stunning packaging and flavors for everyone even for fussy kids who only like milk chocolate with certain types of fruit fillings (or giant chocolate covered strawberries). Here are the three mega-sellers for Easter 2018 and you can see why. When you actually open these packages and taste the contents, you will not be able to stop your sweet tooth from going into overdrive. You can pick these up at any Godiva boutique, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus or Macy’s–or of course, order online at www.godiva.com.

Eggstra Special Assorted Chocolates ($6.50) is great for Easter Egg hunts–Mom and Dad might consider hiding a few in the closet for themselves though, LOL! These pretty foiled covered chocolate eggs are true classics and lovely to put at each plate at Easter brunch or dinner! Kids go crazy for these, needless to say, and each chocolate egg is very generous in size! You get both solid milk and dark chocolate eggs in this five-piece collection. Also available in a larger 15-piece size for $20.

Collectible Beaded Easter Egg ($35.00) is a colorful keepsake made with real beads to include in an Easter basket. Inside are 12 Foil Wrapped Eggs: 3 solid milk, 3 dark ganache, 2 caramel, 2 almond butter, 2 dark raspberry ganache. I have always felt that Godiva does the best solid milk chocolate Easter eggs out there. They are also masters of the keepsake box. I still have some from when I was in college!

Spring Gift Box ($58.00) is an indulgence to enjoy throughout the holiday, or gift to someone special! (Well, if you are like me and love the huge diversity of flavors in this 32-piece box, it will be devoured in two days!) You get a bit of everything here–soft creamy fillings, fruit fillings, chewy fillings and milk, white and dark chocolate. I love the milk chocolate chick chocolates the most–they are almost too cute to eat! The orange milk chocolate chick is a flavor you will never get out of your mind and I guarantee you that you will be going back to the Godiva store to look for more of their orange milk chocolate goodies after tasting it!

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