Casswell-Massey: A Fragrance Legend Launches Fresh New Spring Scents!

I was very excited to join members of the Caswell-Massey team at PERFUMARIÄ’ (155 Lafayette Street) for previews of their new scents Marem, Beatrix Rose Perfume, ROS for Men, their revolutionary New York Botanical Garden Floral EDT Collaboration, plus Supernatural Number Six, which are all coming this fall! This exclusive press event also had many of Caswell-Massey’s “greatest hits” on display and I must have sampled all of them at the quaint downtown store, including Jockey Club, which was JFK’s signature scent.

Recently, Caswell-Massey’s promotion team spent a day at greenhouses of the Iff International Flavors & Fragrance in Hazlet, NJ shooting the new Spring campaign for MAREM–which a stunningly deep floral fragrance developed by Caswell Massey for Alla Nazimova: a trailblazer of feminine independence, a daring film-maker, and an iconic actress of early Hollywood. Nazimova was also famous for designing and presiding over her own luxury apartment complex called The Garden Of Alla in the 1930s-1950s and many famous stars lived there including Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra. It was known for keeping what happened between its walls private, something that was so important to stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era. MAREM is my personal favorite of the new Caswell-Massey collections just because you seem to smell a new flower every time that you try it on a pulse point.

Elixir Of Love is another winner on the drawing board for Caswell-Massey’s spring line and it seems to mix floral and woodsy notes. What is my all time favorite Caswell-Massey scent, though? To be perfectly honest, I have always been intrigued by Caswell-Massey’s legendary almond EDP and the accompanying soap, which has been a staple in bathrooms around the world for 265 years now. Caswell-Massey also set the standard for floral scents and they smell more like the real thing than any other brands that I have tried. While no one can ever go wrong with a lavender scent, Caswell-Massey’s is especially intriguing because it smells like their lavender was freshly picked along with some of the grass and herbs nearby in the garden. The scent is super-fresh and awakens every sense!

As you can see above, Caswell-Massey had some of their original vintage items from over 100 years ago on display for preview event guests at PERFUMARIE so they could compare new vs. old packaging. What goes inside each bottle has not changed though. Caswell-Massey is proud of keeping their original lines of legendary scents intact. They also make wonderful shaving accessories including shaving cream brushes and razors.

If you have never tried a Casswell-Massey scent before, I suggest you start with the lavender or verbena because they are just so fresh and uplifting. You will be guaranteed to be in a better mood and maybe even get more energetic after you spray just a little bit on your wrists. Once you find your signature Caswell-Massey scent it will become part of your morning routine just like brushing your teeth!

If you are not yet willing to spend $68 or more for a scent, try the soap to accompany the one that you have your eye on. You will be amazed at the strength of the scent and how long each soap lasts! For more info on any Caswell-Massey product, go to their official Facebook page or to