Skura Style: Turning Sponges Into An Art Form!

As a longtime journalist, I have never written about sponges and there is a first time for everything. The owners of the highly innovative sponge subscription service called Skura Style recently through a press bash in the magnificent Upper East Side townhouse of MSNBC TV personality Donny Deutsch—which resembles a giant four floor art gallery. Deutsch’s walls are covered with giant works of Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and other notable artists and furniture is clean and minimal.

Skura Sponges have geometric Scandinavian designs that fit in perfectly at Deutsch’s House and large artistic formations of them in several bright colors were put in glass displays for guests to check out. Did I fail to mention that artistic arrangements of Skura Style sponges were also applied to the third floor walls and also lined up on tables on the third floor terrace? I have to give kudos for the stylist who put this posh bash together!

What makes Skura Style Sponges so great besides being stylish and pretty? Well, the “scrubby side” is antimicrobial and wears well. It can scrub the dirtiest mess—even off hard-to-clean surfaces like cast iron. They rinse super-clean and are more absorbent that your average supermarket sponge. You might not even want to throw away each sponge after one week as recommended on the Skura Style site!

You get four sponges each month for only 12 bucks and there is free postage. First orders are $5 off with no code needed. You will love how these sponges brighten up your kitchen, not just how well they work! For more info, go to There is a cute and informative quiz on “your sponge style” that you just have to check out before ordering your sub!

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