Jung Lee NY: Yes, It’s My Favorite Table Top/Home Accessories Store!

I have ventured into the Jung Lee store several times in the past year just because it is a wonderland of chic table top items from around the world. Lee herself wonders the globe on fabulous buying excursions for the store and I recently got a tour of items that are being suggested for holiday gifting. If I had a bigger apartment, I would have ceiling to floor art objects and vases just like this spacious ground floor store at 25 West 29th Street does. Jung Lee does have a wedding registry available and dishes, glassware and utensils can be purchased. It is a great alternative to a standard department store registry since all the merchandise is so “arty.”

Now do not get the impression that everything being sold at Jung Lee is expensive. There are wonderful vases, glassware and assorted desk and end table bric-a-brac priced at only $25.

On my recent visit I fell in love with dishes and cups from the Netherlands that are a modern take on the Delft look as well as extravagant 18k gold trimmed intricate dinner plates by Christian LaCroix. 

The first thing you will notice when you walk through the door is that the store looks like a busy loft apartment owned by a very hip city dweller. The outermost part was recently cleared away to make room for a casual cafe. I cannot wait to see it in its final form. I just got to see it with the counter and refrigerator case installed so far.

It is worth it to visit Jung Lee NY on a monthly basis because of the amount of new items that they get in. You can also ask the friendly staff for help picking out gifts. They have many small “host gifts” like wonderful candles and room sprays that they are selling exclusively. There is a unique collection of picture frames and art objects from Africa and Asia. There are many objects that nest together, especially sets of serving bowls and dishes. There are numerous table accessories that defy description like large jars that can be used to store or serve non-perishable food items like nuts and candy. There are plenty of salt and pepper shakers, napkin rings, placemats, teapots, pitchers, canisters, unique cutlery (like strawberry picks), wine coasters and openers, olive oil bottles and dessert stands.

For more info, go to www.jungleeny.com. It’s truly a heaven of household goods for those who love the unexpected and the arty!