What’s New From Phyto? The Anti-Aging Phytodensia Line, That’s What!

I had the pleasure of having breakfast with members of the Phyto team recently–including one of their new team stylists, Janet St. Paul Paul of the Austin salon that bears her name. Janet is so in-demand that she travels to New York once a month to cut and style the hair of prominent New Yorkers who can’t live without her skill, with and wisdom. While Janet is the ultimate expert in the long-loved and legendary Phyto line and what combination of products works the best for a customer’s hair, I can guarantee you that all Phyto-carrying salons have trained technicians who can put together the perfect line for you and they have the patience of saints. You can really give them a laundry list of a dozen different hair problems from split ends to oily scalp and they will come up with a dream combo of products from the different Phyto lines for you. While pricey, you will be amazed at how long each product lasts because you have to use less when botanical goodness is so concentrated!

A lot of people do not know it, but Phyto is the real pioneer of natural hair products dating back to Paris close to 50 years ago when the line was started as the brainchild of a prominent stylist named Patrick Ales. He created oils that saturated the hair and that customers left in overnight–something truly unusual back then! His first two products came out in 1968 and 1969 and are still in the line today: Huiles D’Ales and PhytoPlage. He was the first stylist to create his own laboratories and creating products that protect hair from the sun–but what what blows my mind is that Ales created the blow dry in 1966! He has literally saved women millions of hours of getting ready in the morning and I cannot respect him enough for that!

Phyto is known for luxury hair products that not only work but have lovely and unique natural scents. I was lucky enough to be guided through the new line at my breakfast. When you go to your Phyto-carrying salon or beauty store, you will not be able to miss the uniquely colored wine boxes with silver detailing and the classic royal blue Phyto double leaves logo. What’s in this new three product Phytodensia line–created to regenerate hair–that beauty editors and stylists have been buzzing about for the past few months? First of all, there is the Phytodensia Shampoo, which plumps up aging hair with acacia collagen, then Phytodensia Fluid Pumping Mask which really not only adds fullness but seems to give an incredible shine and improve blowout time. But my dream product is the Phytodensia Plumping Serum which unlike other serums does not weight hair down but gives it lift! This is God’s gift to someone who has aging hair and an oily scalp and/or limp hair. You get results immediately on this product!

I want to add in here that no matter what line of Phyto you use, there is a mega-superstar product that has knocked my socks off for the past few weeks that I have been using it. The famous Phytopolleine Pre-Shampoo Treatment (for all hair types) is a luxurious oil that combines essential oils from Cajeput, Lemon, Rosemary, Sage and Cypress that not smells like a garden in Versailles thanks to four whopping pounds of these natural ingredients concentrated into every bottle. This is a magical and natural cure-all for scalp ailments including dryness and dandruff but it also helps people with normal scalps keep them that way. You will find that after using this leave in treatment, your shampoos will produce a fuller head of hair as well.

For more info on these and other great Phyto products, have a talk with your stylist on what’s right for you and visit www.phyto.com.

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