Paname: Where Classic New York Neighborhood Warmth Meets Classy Contemporary Parisian Fare!

Paname is a Sutton Place neighborhood gem at 1086 Second Avenue (between 56th and 57th Streets) that features classic French fare in large portions for reasonable prices. Items are plated with a modern feel, and every presentation is a work of art. The native Parisian proprietor Bernard Ros has a long history in the restaurant business and had a successful 17-year run with Meli Melo in Murray Hill (a neighborhood favorite that was closed due to a fire that was not their fault). He has also been a consultant to over 20 worldwide eateries and serves as his own pastry chef at Paname. There is also a little bonus on your table before the meal starts here, and we had five lovely slices of tomatoes topped with goat cheese, freshly roasted red pepper slices and balsamic vinegar in front of us within five minutes of sitting down at our table.

There is a wonderful three course prix fixe dinner for $46 at Paname with a tremendous variety of choices that can please everyone from those who strictly “eat healthy” and want only veggies, salmon and a fruit plate for dessert to those who love the richest classic French dishes. I chose the prix fixe and it took me forever to decide given over a dozen choices for each course and each item sounding more delicious than the next. I chose the Beet Salad With Chevre Chantilly and was blown away by the finely diced organic beets, freshly made viniagrette and super-fresh Chevre Chantilly. The French have a way with beets like no other and I strongly recommend this salad if you are as big a beet fanatic as I am! The portion was very generous–I would say it was over one cup.

Great attention is paid to serving the finest quality meats at Paname, and so I tried the Wiman Pork Scallopini With Mushroom Giroffle And Cidre Cream Fresh. It was a large 12 ounce portion of lovely tender pork sliced and pounded with a classic brown scallopini sauce in just the right amount. The Cidre Cream Fresh and abundance of fresh Shitaki mushroom cooked to perfection blew me away. The portion is almost big enough for two people and the delicate whipped potatoes on the side topped with highly creative latticework fried beet “art” were lovely additions.

The dessert list is remarkable and I had to have the Fig Tart with rich almond paste inside the bottom of its pastry shell while my friend opted for the classic Maison Crepes cooked up with an orange liquer. Both desserts featured homemade whipped cream but my tart sat in a beautiful swirled chocolate and custard sauce. It was pure heaven! For more info, go to Reservations are not necessary but are recommended.


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