Spa Time: For Kids Only! A Visit To Milk & Cookies Salon And Spa On The Upper East Side (at 1196 First Avenue)

One of the cleverest outposts for kids was opened about six months ago on the corner of 63rd and First: the Milk & Cookies Salon And Spa. It’s colorful, cute and provides great services with a twist–when manicures, pedicures, facials and haircuts are done, customers get to sit at a counter where they are served fresh milk and cookies. They get to choose regular, chocolate, strawberry and even banana milk–and there are about five types of cookies including chocolate chip and oatmeal!

I recently took my nephew Frank for a couple of haircuts there and I hope to talk him into trying the Green Booger Manicure which is especially for boys. (That name has had me amused for months now.) I am sure I will not have to do much coercing!

The manis and pedis are as complete as any adult spa and it’s a great way to get your young one to start being interested in maintaining good grooming habits early in life.

There have already been plenty of “girls nights out” in the adorable private back room, and kids can mix their own bath products in a special area nearby. There are also plenty of whimsical bath, lips and nail products for sale by the check in desk! Kids can also watch their favorite movies and shows on NetFlix via iPad while getting hair services!

I vote Milk & Cookies as my top choice for a kids party in New York right now–it is perfect for the five to ten year old set! For more info, visit They do prefer reservations but take walk ins. Phone 646-850-4032.

Let me add that the service here is ultra attentive and that the folks providing the services have a lot of patience. If you have a problem getting your son/daughter to get a haircut or to sit still in chair, they will feel at ease with the fun music and getting to select the movie of their choice before getting their service! The technicians genuinely love kids and it shows! They also let moms and dads say how they like their kids’ hair styled in detail and listen closely