BarRachos: Mexican Comfort Food That Rock ‘N Rolls

I recently took the good ol’ G train out to BarRachos at 69 Greenpoint Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and it was well worth the hour plus trek for me. The food is fresh and served fast. Secondly, the prices are super low. Tacos are only $2.50 while tamales are $5.00. The biggest ticket item on the menu are saucy and spicy Chipotle Chicken Wings for $7 and you get five HUGE juicy wings that are almost the size of thighs! There are specials weeknights between six and 8 where the tacos go for only a buck! (Hey, these prices are cheaper than Mickey D’s!)

I like the casual atmosphere, especially the outdoor tables. The inside looks like a converted factory and has a fun and funky feel. Classic garage rock music was playing when I got there which is one of my fave genres of music and fit in with the hipster nabe!

As I sat at my table only six feet from Chopped host Ted Allen (whom I hear lives in Greenpoint and loves BarRachos, I sipped on the world’s best frozen watermelon margarita with plenty of salt on the glass. Watermelon margaritas made with fresh watermelon juice is hard to come by even in this day and age of even alcoholic drinks being made with natural ingredients, but BarRachos does it!

I ordered the aforementioned Chipotle Chicken Wings and devoured them pretty fast. They have a ton of the both sweet and spicy homemade chipotle sauce on them, so it’s a five napkin job to clean up after eating them. (I mean that in an endearing way!)

I love hanger steak so I had to order myself a Hanger Steak Taco that was about four inches in diameter but packed with about three ounces of tender medium-done meat and lots of fresh cilantro. I swear I could eat about a dozen of these. At $3.50 each, anyone could afford to. The other tacos served that I would like to try are Chicken & Potato and Mushroom & Cheese and I plan to in the near future.

Lastly, I had to try one of the Deep Fried Quesadillas which kind of looked like an empanada. It was crispy golden and firm on the outside and filled with pork and cheese on the inside. I plan to go back and try the Chicken & Cheese version. These are also only a few inches in length but are belly busters. The cheese oozed out and the pulled pork inside was tender and juicy. These are well worth the five bucks you shell out for them.

I truly adored the tamales made with pork and green sauce and would definitely order this again. It’s a sizable portion and done in a very classic type of way; I consider it a great deal for $5. Keep in mind that if you plan to visit, there are indeed plenty of vegan items including a cabbage salad with lime and cilantro and grilled cork with mayo cottage and tajine (for only $2.50 each).

For more info, go to BarRachos at 68 Greenpoint Avenue is only a six minute walk from the Greenpoint Avenue stop on the G train, so it’s convenient from nearly anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn.