Summer 2022 Beauty Guide: A Few New (And Old) Favorites!

Everyone needs a simplified and speedy program for great skin and makeup during the summer months–and not only should these items be sweatproof but they should feel good on your skin. Here are a few recent discoveries and one old classic that I cannot live without (it’s the superstar/workhorse of any skincare routine)!

Kiehl’s put together a set of four products for me that includes a new take on my all time favorite moisturizer, Ultra Facial Cream. The new version has 10.5 per cent Squalane which is an ingredient Kiehl’s has been using in all their recently released anti-aging products. Ultra Facial Cream not only makes your skin smooth and soft but so have always found that it helps clear pimples plus acts as an amazing makeup base (especially when it is hot out). I can’t wait to try this new version since I getting up there in years. This legendary company also recently created Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum which has their highest concentrate of retinol out of all their products and has had amazing results for firmness and wrinkle improvement in research testing. For those who need a high action eye cream because of multiple problems in the eye area, try the new Super Multi-Corrective Eye Zone Treatment which people have been raving about as the best firming treatment for the delicate skin at the outer corners of the eyes. The newest night cream in the Kiehl’s artisanal is Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream–it is light and features large amounts of Omega 3 and 6, giving users a super dose of moisture! All these products are available at and if you already signed up for an account there, you know that there are oodles of discounts and free gifts with purchase! All items shown retail from $42 to $88 but as with all Kiehl’s products, a little goes a long way!

My new favorite makeup remover is Vike Makeup Melt. This is a new item that I discovered at the recent FounderMade Discovery Show at Spring Studios down in Tribeca. This event is so fun because you get to take in five or six dozen new cutting edge beauty and health brands in one place. Vike Makeup Melt caught my eye because I caught show guests massaging it into their faces and saw how fast one quick spray removed even waterproof makeup–plus there is no need to rinse or wipe. It’s also great for your skin because it contains grapefruit to prevent free radical damage, passionflower to keep skin looking firm, smooth and youthful, Moringa to improve radiance and cucumber for its anti-inflammatory effects. Vike Makeup Melt is safe for lash extensions and can remove eyelash glue. This revolutionary item is available on for $24 (a 6.7 ounce bottle will last you two to three months).

You need a sunscreen on your face year round but it is especially necessary during the summer months. I just found a great new lightweight tinted sunscreen called Vivier Sheer SPF 30 Lotion. This cutting edge sunscreen/tint features Vivier’s patented ChromaTint™ technology, antioxidants and extracts, providing an instant natural and even glow. You will also love how it easily melts into the skin. Added antioxidants/extracts provide added hydration and anti-aging benefits for complete sheer protection. I like that Vivier Sheer SPF 30 Lotion does double duty–it is so nice to be able to skip foundation when you just want to get dressed quickly and run errands or go to the gym. You still could use it under your regular foundation if you feel that you need more coverage. Vivier Sheer SPF 30 Lotion is priced at $52 for two fluid ounces and is available at

It is no secret that I am a longtime lover of Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation which is not only famous for the fact that your skin can breath through it but for the fact that it is so long lasting that it is used on lots of TV and movie shoots. Now a concealer simply called Oxygenetix Oxygenating Concealer has been added to the line and it is enriched with high density pigments that help filter UVA and UVB. You will be amazed how how well this velvety formula conceals dark circle, Skin discolorations and even tattoos. It works equally well under or over foundation. If you want lighter coverage, you can blend it with Oxygenetix first-ever and legendary product Hydro-Matrix (which also is a godsend for sunburns, kitchen burns and cuts). The foundation retails for $66 for a half ounce bottle and the concealer retails for $49 for a .27 ounce bottle. You can order at them at (Both items last a really long time!)

The Perricone MD skincare line is well deserving of its great reputation as the best doctor created skincare line based in the US. The newest product in the line is Vitamin C Ester CCC + Ferulic Brightening Under-Eye Cream. This brightening, fast-absorbing eye cream dramatically reduces the look of the three types of under-eye discoloration: brown, blue and red. Three forms of vitamin C and free radical-fighting ferulic acid visibly reduce dark brown circles while peptides help minimize the blue appearance of under-eye puffiness and bags for a firmer, more awakened look. With a biomimetic oat protein to visibly reduce redness, this amazing product leaves the delicate eye area feeling calmed and comforted. This under eye cream is ophthalmologist tested so it is safe for those with sensitive eyes. You can purchase a .5 ounce bottle for $72 at (While you are on the site, also be sure to check out Dr. Perricone’s cutting edge, super popular Cold Plasma line–the neck cream is in a league of its own! You will love all the before and after photos.)

For those who love the latest and greatest in skincare devices, there is the new BOOST BY REDUIT is a smart skincare device that amplifies your favorite skincare products, maximizing the effect of active ingredients, including SPF and hydrating actives. Needless to say, you get better results. Additionally, BOOST quenches the skin’s thirst by pushing hydrating agents from sunscreen deep into the skin (where these actives belong), to help combat dryness that can come with the sun exposure. BOOST also bolsters the effects of serums and moisturizers that have an SPF factor, working to push their moisturizing, antioxidants and brightening agent deeper into the skin whilst the SPF stays in the outer layers. BOOST very simply “boosts” every aspect of your skincare to perform at its very best. Almost forgot the bonus: BOOST features eight LED lights to target specific skin concerns! This cutting edge skincare device is priced at $199.99 and is available at

I enjoyed getting to check out six or seven cutting edge and ecologically minded skincare brands at the Organic Spa Magazine annual press event but I was especially impressed by the Olika hand sanitizers on keyrings called Ultra Hydrating Hand Sanis. These are perfect for back to school because you can easily attach them to a backpack. Olika is the only brand of hand sanitizers that I have come across that actually moisturize which is a super plus–this is thanks to a combo of hyaluronic acid, aloe and glycerine. Olika Hand Sanitizer also comes in a recyclable bag with a pour spout if that is more your style. Olika is sold at Walmart and Bloomingdale’s but for more info you can go to

The Alice + Olivia X Slip pure silk queen size pillowcase is the ultimate summer weapon against aging, facial “sleep creases” and bedhead. In a nutshell, your hair and skin will thank you for using one! Made with slipsilk™, this pillowcase and its sister items are made in a cool pink “paisley rose” pattern. Be sure to check out the whole Alice + Olivia X Slip collection that includes both large and small scrunchies, other sizes of pillowcases, a hair wrap and sleep mask! Consider a mixed set as a great “back to school” gift for your favorite beauty conscious coed! (This line is easy care as the silk used is machine washable in PH neutral liquid detergent!) The price for the queen size pillowcase is $102 and you can order it here or purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue: Alice + Olivia X Silk Queen Pillowcase.

As you might already know, RevitaLash has an Advanced Eyelash Conditioner & Serum that will actually make your lashes appear more luxurious in just six weeks! This award-winning legendary serum features proprietary, scientifically advanced technology to strengthen lashes and protect against breakage–even flexibility and shine are improved! Many users do not even feel the need to wear mascara anymore because of the dramatic results. (A longtime customer is Megan Markle, who swears by it!) If your eyes tend to be more sensitive, then the new Revitalash Sensitive Eyelash Conditioner is for you! This eyelash serum was formulated specifically for sensitive eyes by ophthalmologists and it enhances the health and beauty of lashes using encapsulated time-release technology that’s designed to be gentle. You will be getting big and beautiful lashes with less irritation. If you’ve had problems with lash serums in the past, this one is made just for you. For more info or to order, go to Both items retail for $105.

Irene Forte Regenerante Olive Eye Cream is clinically proven to improve skin hydration, driven by a B Vitamin Complex, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Leaf Juice. Antioxidant-rich upcycled Olive Seed Oil helps to smooth and protect the delicate eye area, while the Penta-Phyto Complex helps to minimize the appearance of uneven skin tone and dark circles. It is approved for sensitive skin and if you look at the reviews on beauty websites, many users say it is the only eye cream that does not irritate their eyes and the skin around it. It is suitable for all skin types, but gets especially amazing results when used on mature, dry or dehydrated skin. Just use a drop the size of a dime on each eye and tap gently with your finger tips twice per day. Find out more or purchase for $165 at

Bellantz Beauty is a skincare company on the rise with three amazingly effective products (left to right): Plant Stem Cell Revitalizing Creme that nourishes the skin with plant and antioxidant cells, Kombucha Restoring Serum that promotes cell renewal and resilience with Vitamin B9 and Acetylated Glutamine, and Kombucha Exfoliating Cleanser that supports vibrancy and a radiant glow with Green Coffee Berry, Kombucha and more! This company founded by NYC based Dr. Naeemah Ruffin started out with highly personalized face exercises (and you can still sign up for those online). The Ballantz skin fitness training includes clinically effective techniques tailored to increase facial muscle tone—these techniques/exercises actually reverse and slow the signs of premature facial aging such as wrinkles, lines, creases and sagging skin! For more info on both Bellantz skin techniques and products, go to

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