Persona Personalized Nutrition Has An Informative Press Event at Tavern On The Green

The Persona personalized nutrition company recently acquired by Nestle Health Science has a tremendous buzz on it. Yesterday I went to a wonderful press lunch they gave at Tavern On The Green that featured an hour plus panel followed by a Q&A session led by host Daphne Oz. Daphne is a self-proclaimed supplement maniac and has played around a lot with them having had four kids in five years and admitted to the crowd of press that she is always trying to tweak her range of supplements–but that Persona has finally created the magic formula for her. Guests took a five minute quiz on their personal health history before sitting down to lunch so that they could get their personal prescription from Persona and three-month supply. Right now on you can take the quiz for yourself and you will be surprised how little it costs for your monthly customized supply–mine came to only $62 including shipping. I was given a special Hemp pack because I do not sleep well as well as a Sunshine supplement because I am always lacking in Vitamin D. I was also thrilled to get the Weight Support packet because I need to lose at least 50 pounds and keep my appetite under control. All of Persona’s vitamins and supplements are natural and conscientiously sources, with many being created here in the US. They promise to be of higher quality than anything commercially available at the moment and very importantly, they keep the current prescriptions that you are taking in mind when giving your your nutrition RX so that there are no conflicts.President Jason Brown (seen Third from right in the photo above) has over 30 years in the health science field and the team at Persona includes MDs, nutritionists and pharmacists, and the live customer support crew on their site is comprised of real health professionals. They are there to help you tweak your monthly supplements so that you can feel like your best self ever. Many business execs with high stress levels swear by Persona to help them have energy to get through their day and sleep better. Right now, Persona has a special 30 per cent off deal going on for new customers. All you have to do is click on the “Save 30 Per Cent Today” link on the top center of the home page at and the savings will automatically be applied at checkout. Your account will auto renew each month and your personalized vitamin packs mailed out. All recommendations are doctor approved and every vitamin has been thoroughly tested for effectiveness and safety. You can cancel your subscription at any time but we think you’ll be feeling too good to want to do that!