Jelly Belly: You Bet Your Beans That They’re As Delish And As Fun As Ever!

I have had an obsession with Jelly Belly for over 30 years now and have always been intrigued how (unlike most other brands of jelly beans) they are not overly sweet or possessing of that rough, sugary outer shell that puts the kibosh on me trying other brands! I have these every Easter and I am impressed with the hundreds of flavors now in the collection. There are three new 4.25 ounce assortments (priced at $5.99) and the whole box will only run you 440 calories even though the box is really considered four servings. It is kind of like a pint of ice cream–everyone considers it one serving even though it is technically four, LOL! And then I tried a fourth new item–individual packs of a health-oriented “energy” jelly bean!

So the first new one I was lucky enough to try thanks to meeting up with Jelly Belly PR reps at a recent multi-brand press preview is called The Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Jelly Beans Mix. There are five flavors in the box that totally blow my mind as they really taste like KK doughnuts! The flavors are Original Glazed, Strawberry Iced, Cinnamon Apple Filled, Glazed Blueberry Cake and Chocolate Iced With Sprinkles. I am hesitant to pick a favorite out the box but just like at a real Krispy Kreme store, I will go with Original Glazed. It is great to “get your doughnut on” without so many calories. If I ate five KK doughnuts the calorie count would be five times as much! It is adorable how all the real Krispy Kreme colors as well as the logo are used on the box.

The next 4.25 ounce box I tried is called Mixed Emotions which is supposed to have a romantic theme thanks to the fact that the flavors match up with emotions. The Lemon represents happiness, the Sour Apple denotes playfulness, the Sizzling Cinnamon stands for grumpiness, the Berry Blue stands for sadness and the Orange Crush stands for that good old-fashion lovin’ feeling. I love the Orange Crush because it tastes like the favorite soda of my childhood. Well, second favorite–my favorite is birch beer but I bet that there is a Jelly Belly in that flavor!

For those who like a freaky Jelly Belly experience, there is the Bean Boozled 4.25 ounce set. This features a little game with a spinner and you have to eat the type of jelly bean that it lands on. Need I say that there are some super bizarre flavors like Barf, Toothpaste, Canned Dog Food, Pencil Shavings, Minion Fart, Rotten Egg, Spoiled Milk and Stinky Socks mixed in with the delicious ones like Coconut, Sour Apple, Buttered Popcorn, Peach, Chocolate Pudding and Berry Blue? The box comes with the jelly beans all mixed up and since colors are similar between the yummy and gross flavors, you do not know what you are going to get. I did try the Dead Fish and the Spoiled Milk–but by accident, thinking I was having Strawberry Banana Smoothie or a coconut bean respectively! Oh dear, I totally freaked out. This Bean Boozled set would be perfect for young kids who like to gross each other out!

Lastly, I tried the Sports Beans which promote great athletic support and general energy level and I was not disappointed. You are supposed to eat half a one ounce bag about 15 minutes before your workout and at about the halfway through it. I did feel very energized but I ate them without going to the gym, LOL! These delicious beans contain carbs, electrolytes and Vitamins B and C that quickly work their magic. At $1.39 for one ounce bags when bought in bulk on amazon, they are a real bargain. All colors come from natural sources as well even though they are nice and vivid. They make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie Flavor that rocks–and it is easier to eat that flavor in an individual pouch than trying to find them in the Bean Boozled box, LOL!

For more info, go to I could read about their numerous flavors all day long, but my mouth waters too much and I hate to dribble in public, LOL!

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