I Fell In Love With The Moto Z And Now I Can Kiss My Old BlackBerry Goodbye!

People have been laughing at me for not giving up my BlackBerry, which as you know, except the Priv cannot take on any of the Android apps that you really need. I was hooked on the Qwerty keypad and could not make the adjustment to any of the latest smartphones, so I carried around both a BlackBerry Q10 for typing emails and an iPad Mini for social media and photos. I never thought of seriously switching until I had the new Moto Z in my hands last month.

Needless to say, I am not a tech savvy person. I want to be able to post daily on my social media accounts and get through my whopping 400 to 500 emails per day. In terms of apps, I want to use the Via app for car service, eTrade to check my dwindling investments and YouTube to watch videos on puppy rescues when I am in a no-work mood! I hook it up to my other handheld desktop devices with its wonderful Bluetooth (Version 4.1 LE).

So why did I fall in love with on the Moto Z (which just became available for T-Mobile users in the past month)? Well, I adore the fact that it is the world’s slimmest phone so I can literally slip it into a small clutch when I do not want to carry a big handbag. In layman’s terms, it is super fast with its Android 6.01 Marshmallow operating system and the keyboard has been easy for me to use…yes, as easy as the Qwerty keypad because you feel some DEPTH when you press on the Moto Z’s virtual keypad and keys are nice and big for us getting old and losing our sight a little, LOL! It has a water repellant coating as well which helps for folks like me who have previously ruined phones by accidentally dropping them in a bathroom sink or toilet, or simply have gotten caught in the rain (and we all know that phone replacement policies do not cover that)!

The Moto Z has been called “the Midrange Phone Of The Year” (it retails for about $720 but you can get it for $500 at most major phone carriers) and is considered to be among the very top smartphones for battery life. I do not have to charge mine for two days at a time–this makes my life SO much easier!  (Officially, the battery is supposed to last for 40 hours due to having a 3500 mAH batter, just FYI). In terms of charging, there is a special feature called TurboPower Charging which gets your 15 hours of charge in only 15 minutes!

The built in rear camera is 21 MP and the front camera is 5 MP with autofocus zoom; there is special shatterproof glass called the Moto Shattershield which is especially nice when you are someone with an especially bad case of the “dropsies” like myself. Let me add that another special feature is the Fingerprint Reader–you will no longer have to put a pass code into your phone every time you want to use it! I love that the Moto Z has a 5.5″ HD display and I can see giant images of who is calling with their number. You will appreciate the great sound as well, as the Moto Z has a front ported loudspeaker.

And like magic, there are Moto Mods to transform your phone (they run about $300 each). These easy to attach devices turn your Moto Z into a stereo speaker, battery charge, movie projector, camera and more. The one I have been using and have fallen madly in love with is the Moto Mods Hasselblad True Zoom. It actually makes your Moto Z look like a camera, snaps on in a NY minute and features a wonderful 10X optical zoom and Xenon flash. The Hasselblad imaging experience is world class–you cannot take photos these sharp even with a $3K Nikon digital camera. You will be shocked at the quality. I no longer have to carry around a separate digital camera for high quality images to use on my website. You also can share your images via email or with your social media outlets with one touch of the screen!

The 5.8 ounce  Moto Z comes with either 32G or 64GB of storage, and three hot color combinations:  black with lunar grey trim and a black front lends, black with rose gold trim and a black front lens and fine gold with a white front lens.

For more info on this super easy to use phone (even for spazzy non-techies like myself), go to http://www.motorola.com.

Article by anne241

Hardcore NYer who loves to enjoy the good life here in the Big Apple and beyond!