Otis Spunkmeyer, You’re One Sweet Dude!

My favorite cheap eats are not always at New York restaurants, but sometimes fun new packaged snacks that I encounter at

fun food press events like Food Fete and Advance Public Relations’ uber-popular Holiday Gift Guide event (which was bigger than ever and held at the Sheraton on West 53rd Street instead of at The Hilton this year).

I have never had any Otis Spunkmeyer items before other than the muffins that get handed out on the Hampton Jitney. Well, they now have phenomenal snack cakes that I would call the ultimate camp or car snack. Hell, who am I lying to–I got four boxes of them as a handout at the Holiday Gift Guide event and all four were gone in four days. What sets these moist little gems apart from the supermarket snack cake brands you are more familiar with is that they contain “no funky stuff” (as it says on the front of each box)–meaning no preservatives or dyes or artificial ANYTHING for that matter! These snack cakes are like grandma herself made them but they are more inventive flavors than what grandma would come up with.

The three new items I tested recently started with the Blueberry Naturally Flavored Minimuffins. You get three per pack and they are a bargain calorie-wise for 230 calories. They are moist and  tasted freshly baked. I know that some people heat them quickly in a microwave oven and love them even more that way.

The second item I tried was the Hot Chocolate Frosted Creme Cakes. These are standard chocolate cakes shaped like Zingers but inside is a real hot cocoa flavored creme and on top is white frosting with chocolate sprinkles. I probably could live on these and admit that they were great teamed up with both vanilla and chocolate ice cream and whipped cream.

The third item I tried and loved from Otis Spunkmeyer were their Mini Loaf Cakes–they come in both glazed lemon and glazed pumpkin and wow, are they moist! I would say they can beat similar items straight out of a gourmet bake shop. They are very big and filling and come six to a box; as a matter of fact, they are big enough for two people to split. You can just taste the buttery goodness and these will prove skeptics wrong that think all packaged snack cakes only feature “light cakes.” These items are like grandma’s old fashioned pound cake–so satisfying and the flavors taste really natural.

So it is no wonder I downed four boxes of the new Otis Spunkmeyer snack cakes/muffins in four days. The diet can start another day. You can buy these delights for about four bucks per box at popular mass merchandisers/food outlets such as Walmart, Sam’s Club and Amazon Fresh. For more info, go tohttp://www.otisspunkmeyer.com. My new foodie dream is to taste OS’ older flavors of snack cakes pictured to the left–the Cinnamon Crumb Mini Loaf Cakes and Chocolate Mini Cupcakes. Then my summer will be complete

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