Olma Caviar Boutique And Lounge On The Upper West Side: More Than Just Caviar

For those who love to try many different types of caviar, nothing beats Olma’s different locations around town including their most famous one in the Plaza Food Court. But am I a caviar eater? No, that’s why I had to pay a visit to the Upper West Side location and try the non-caviar items. I was truly delighted at the freshness of all the ingredients (everything seemed very “farm to table”), the generous portions and reasonable prices. They also have a great variety of wine, artisanal mixed drinks and champagne–my dining partner Gail has the Lychee Martini and she proclaimed that it was the best that she ever had. She went back less than a week later to have one and one of the great sandwich discoveries we have ever had in our lives–the monchego and green apple sandwich, which is actually a panini served warm and “melty.”

Olma on the UWS has a gorgeous caviar and champagne case that looks like a huge Faberge egg which alone makes the place worth visiting. If you need classic lounge food, they have it as well as French and Russian-influenced specialities like duck breast and blinis. Speaking of duck breast, my friend Gail had it on the bone and said it was the most tender duck breast she has even had. It came with an assortment of veggies sauteed in olive oil including asparagus, snow peas and red and green peppers.

I started out with the juicy trio of sliders, and then moved on to the aforementioned manchego and green apple sandwich. Iw as already full even though sharing these with my dining partner. I also tested out their wonderful fresh chicken salad which featured a wonderful mix of wild greens, mozzarella, dried cranberries and an assortment of delicious nuts. The creamy Russian dressing served separately simply made my day.

For dessert, we shared the sea salt caramel cheesecake. While not made on the premises, it was perfectly creamy and featured a very fresh and sweet classic graham cracker crust.

Olma Caviar Boutique And Lounge has very reasonable prices on their caviar and you can get tastings for as little as $15. As a matter of fact, there are “caviar bites” for as little as $5! There are large caviar tasting platters for $55 and even caviar pizzas for about $22.

They are located on the NW corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 80th Street. You will love the clubby but comfortable feel of Olma and the unique modern pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. Phone is 212-390-0708 and their official website (which also includes the other locations) is http://www.olmacaviar.com.