Livin’ Life And Havin’ Bites Up On 20

I recently ventured to the top of the Hyatt Herald Square at 32 West 31st Street to check out the rooftop lounge that has been creating so much excitement with the millennials after-work crowd, and now I see where that excitement is coming from. This modern, open space has a view of the Empire State Building that is so close that you feel you can reach out and touch the antenna on top! You are also up-close and personal with all the beautiful older buildings in the area and you get a good look at their beautiful detailing and even a peak inside some!

There is a huge drink menu that includes Up On 20’s seven house cocktails (all $18). Perfect for the summer months is the Rum Julep Light which features dark rum, simple syrup, lime, mint and peach. It is super refreshing. There is a killer sangria drink called Pavan Sangria Rose which features white rum. Pavan, fresh berries and seltzer.

There is a simple Modern American/Comfort Food menu that features many wonderful plates for sharing that aim to please two to four people (prices are $12 to $14). The Mini Meatballs With Hoisin Glaze totally rock and the Grilled Potato Bread With Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan, Garlic Butter + Arugula is a fantastic new take on bruschetta! The hamburgers are super thick and juicy here, served on a fantastic potato roll with crispy golden Idaho fries. The Grilled Multigrain Brioche with Crispy Bacon and Cheddar Cheese is  delightfully gooey and one of the best grilled cheese variations in town.

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