Limani: An Array Of Greek Delights!

I went to visit Limani at 45 Rockefeller Center yesterday and enjoyed its Greek and classic American mix. This is one of the prettiest and most modern spaces you can encounter in midtown. There are sleek white quilted leather banquets, a huge chrome fish mobile in the center of the room (over a modern and elegant “pond” style fountain), and ultra-high ceilings.


They offer a great four-course prix fixe for $46.50 (plus the occasional five dollar supplement for items such as an eight-ounce filet mignon). I order the price fixe and was dazzled. First of all, I had the most wonderful plate of roasted mixed vegetables that included eggplant and assorted colored peppers along with a mound of soft, white sour cream like Greek cheese. Then I got a colorful and large Classic Greek Salad with the freshest assorted tomato chances, fresh parsley and the best Feta cheese I have ever had. It tasted like it just came from an artisanal creamery a few minutes before! The dressing was simple: Greek olive oil and fresh lemon juice. This size portion of salad was a meal in itself.


I then had the super-tender grass fed filet mignon (which honestly seemed bigger than the advertised eight ounces) and it had a lovely charcoal-broiled finish on it. (I love those black grill marks on my meat!) All meat served at Limani comes with the most delicious truffle oil thick cut fries! I swear that I could live on them!


I ended my meal with world-class baklava which was thick and rich but the amount of honey was kept modest and the amount of chopped nuts was greater than in the typical recipe. If you do not like your baklava overdone with the gooey honey, I highly recommend that you try it at Lemani.


Lemani also has many beautiful outdoor cables covered with umbrellas that put you in the center of the Rockefeller Center action–meaning lost of great people watching. This is a great place to take people from out of town who have never been to this showplace of the world. You get a great view of many of the Rock Center sites including the NBC Building.


For more info, go to Next time I go, I want to try the entree that is causing a big stir–the two-pound Cowboy Steak, which is a giant ribeye. Many health-conscious people go to Limani for their beautifully broiled fishes. The portions of sole I saw were enormous and guests were eating them with their eyes closed–meaning it was unbelievably good! Let me add that there is a lot of star watching to do at Limani–and you will spot a lot of NBC regulars including Tom Brokaw!

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