Clinique’s A Case Of The Pretties has some of the greatest eye, cheek and lip colors we have come across all year. You can purchase it for only $29.50 at Bloomingdale’s plus get the fantastic gift with purchase they are now offering that includes a small bottle of their famous Happy fragrance and a great new deep plum matte lipstick. There are plenty of other goodies in there too long to list and a green and white floral canvas makeup bag. Be sure to get a makeover while you were there. I was lucky enough to get a makeover on “Happy Day” (December 12th) that included a chart of all skincare and makeup used on me by grand “glamour maker” Leah Dinkel at Manhattan’s flagship store on Lex. It was the greatest makeover of my life and I learned all about Clinique’s wonderful new Skinny Sticks–the easiest to use eye and brow liners I have ever had the pleasure to get my hands on. Leah recommended the wonderful Pretty Easy Brow Palette to me to get a grip on my normally fish-

Sabon’s Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Shower Oil and their pretty pink print Manicure Kit are the perfect team when you do not know what to get a lady! These are thoughtful items someone might not think of getting themselves and you can get both for under $50 (the sent of the shower oil is so hypnotic that the giftee might not ever be able to get out of the shower, LOL)! The manicure set is especially great because the tools are so precise and very durable. For more info, go to brows and the supergorgeous eye shadow palette called The Pretty Easy Eye Palette

I am a live of the taste and skin results you can get from Manuka honey. Not only does it seem to make skin look more youthful and clear blemishes, but I find that when it is applied in its purest form it seems to clear up cuts in only two or three days! Be sure to check out Manuka Secrets’ cleanser and mask. These products will change your life whether you suffer from premature wrinkling, acne or rosacea. They are available at and