Uncle Sam’s Heads Here From Beijing–And Boy, Does He Make a Juicy Burger!

It’s certainly funny to think that a place named Uncle Sam’s exists in Beijing–and that they give American burgers a run for their money. Featuring the legendary Pat LaFrieda Meats–which are usually found only in NYC’s priciest steakhouses–you’ll want to eat two or three of these 4 ounce burgers with unique trimmings and flavors everyday.

Uncle Sam’s just opened up on May 18th a block down from the Empire State Building at 31st and Fifth, and if you work or find yourself in that neighborhood often, Uncle Sam’s will be your new addiction!

I also have to add that the sides kick ass–the Fully Loaded Tator Tots are covered with beef chili and cheddar that gives off a nice burn that is not overwhelming. There are homemade fries that seem more like freshly made potato chips and if you like massive crunch, definitely order them

Also be sure to check out the juicy Chicken Samwich. (Yes, they really spell it that way!) These panko crusted chicken breast “burgers” ooze with juice and the classic Beijing version features cold cucumber, hoisin glaze and scallions. The NYC Chicken Samwich features lemon kale, fermented bean sauce and pickles.

Burgers are generally priced at $8.95 to $9.95 so you get a lot of bang for your buck! The address is 307 Fifth Avenue and the website is www.unclesamburgers.com. Phone: 212-213-3938. Expect a bit of a wait right now at lunchtime but we personally noticed how doting the service was! (RIP UNLCE SAM’S–IT ONLY LASTED A YEAR BUT I AM PRAYING THAT IT COMES BACK! EVEN KING OF MEAT PURVEYORS PAT LaFRIEDA MISSES IT!)

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