True Facet: The Best Place To Buy Luxury Jewelry At Greatly Reduced Prices (As Well As Fast Forward Costume Jewelry)!

I was lucky enough to be exposed to through a publicist friend who put me on the mailing list for the site. Being a lover of jewelry from fun, cheap baubles to the outrageously decadent items I see in the windows of Cartier on Fifth Avenue, I spent hours each day one week looking at the listings. I found everything from Chanel costume pieces (which I collect) at 80 per cent off on the average to engagement rings and wedding bands reduced 50 to 75 per cent from the most desirable wedding jewelry brands including a lot from Tiffany!

My personal experience ordering was great! I enjoyed purchasing a silver Paloma Picasso heart necklace by Tiffany in like-new condition for $125 (when it retailed for over $200) and it came with original box and pouch in only two days! ( is based out of NYC where I live, and things get here in record speed.)

When I tried to purchase a Chanel multicolor Maltese Cross brooch a week lady for a supercheap $188, the wonderful customer service people were honest and said the item had been damaged. They offered to reimburse me immediately or get the item repaired. I opted to get it repaired since I loved it so much and have a Chanel gold Maltese Cross necklace that would look great with it. Turns out the brooch could not be repaired–so the customer service department not only gave me my money back but threw in a bonus $50 to use on the site!

I am now in the process of ordering a pair of sterling silver Tiffany drop earrings (I believe also to be by Paloma Picasso). I look forward to doing business with True Facet again. I am so happy to be on their mailing list, not only to see what the new jewelry stories are, but to see what’s on sale. very often has 15 per cent off sales that only people on their mailing list know about.

I consider the place to get the ultimate deals on special occasion pieces. It is perfect for birthstone earrings, graduation gifts (especially heavily discounted high end men’s watches for male graduates), anniversary gifts, charm bracelets and engagement rings/wedding bands (as stated before). Each listing offers size, measurements, price and an honest description of condition.

You can also sell unwanted jewelry on and simply import listings over from EBAY. Now excuse me–I want to go order and exquisite Givenchy vintage brooch I just saw on for about $40