Ravino Ravioli: Pasta Does Not Get Any Better Than This!

I recently discovered Ravino Handcrafted Artisan Ravioli thanks to a food publicist friend and was blown away. Being Italian-American, I have eaten a lot of homemade pasta in my lifetime and have always had a strong tendency to favor ravioli. Well, to say that Ravino’s four flavors–Cheese, Chickpea & Kale, Spinach & Ricotta and Mushroom & Fontina knocks it out of the ballpark is like saying that Derek Jeter is an okay baseball player. It’s a real understatement. From pan to platter (including waiting for the water to boil), it’s a matter of ten minutes or less.

Ravino Ravioli is all-natural, made with no additives or preservative and has a high percentage of filling to dough. My favorite one–and it is hard to pick–is the Mushroom & Fontina due to the stronger taste of the cheese (since Fontina replaces mild ricotta), the insane creaminess of the filling and the way fresh shallots and parsley are used to compliment the tender mushrooms.

It’s great that there is a no cheese option (the Chickpea & Kale) offered for those who want to cut down on calories or cholesterol and I suppose that kids will prefer the plain cheese ravioli. I think that I can eat this brand of ravioli everyday and never get bored. To find out where to buy this quick and delicious dinner item (that comes 12 to a box), go to http://www.ravinopasta.com. Your tummy and tastebuds will be oh-so-glad that you did!

By the way–I suggest six ravioli as the perfect size appetizer and 8-12 for a main course depending on appetite of your guests!

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