​Ellis Faas Skin Veil: Worth Every Penny! Your Skin Will Love You For Using It!

Ellis Faas’ Skin Veil is a dream come true for someone like me–I have oily skin even at the ripe old age of 56 and the oil seeps through most foundations that I have used within two to three hours of application. Not so with Skin Veil–I get great coverage that does not move. I put it on around ten each morning and it does not move until I take it off around ten each night–and there are none of the skin eruptions that I get from the overly dewy formulas out there! It is pricey at $90 for 30 ml bottle but sometimes it is worth springing extra money when a product is exceptional!

I have to say that the colors are very real and that the finish is matte but not flat (there is a big difference and you know this if you have tried water-based foundation before). You just look like you have a really flawless natural finish to your face when you use Skin Veil. It has an SPF of 15, feels really creamy as it goes on and seems to blend very easily (I just use my fingers and notice that a little product goes a long way)! The minerals in Skin Veil (which was invented in Holland but is manufactured in Japan) are very beneficial to the skin as well.

You can order Skin Veil at http://www.ellisfaas.com or http://www.dermstore.com. I personally love to peruse cosmetics in older, legendary NYC pharmacies, so I go test Ellis Faas products at Bigelow Pharmacy at Sixth Avenue just above West 8th Street in the West Village. Of course, you can also buy this marvelous line at Sephora if that is your go-to store.

BTW, I have been thoroughly impressed with the Ellis Faas lip products i have purchased in the past–and they are what really started the ball rolling for this cutting edge cosmetics company here in the States a few years ago. The Glazed Lip products comes in cool chrome tubes and you will discover that it is among the most long-lasting liquid lipsticks out there and totally wor

th the $35 price tag. They have some great retro colors in the line with a Vampish feel as well as classic all-American 50s red that Marilyn Monroe would have been proud to wear!

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