BFLORAL: New York’s Most Original Florist Teaches A Few Tricks To Bloggers!

I was lucky enough to attend BFloral’s Summer Media Event on Saks Fifth Avenue’s 2nd Floor–which is now set up with all sorts of mini boutiques arranged in a circle! I have not had much experience attending floral events although it has been a trend at press events to let guests create their own bouquets.

The folks at BFloral along with their PR Team at London Misher Public Relations helped journalists/bloggers not only create stunning bouquets but took things a step farther–they helped guests create brooches and bracelets out of fresh flowers. This is truly a first.

The BFloral team will let anyone trying to create a special event make these delightful floral creations. They will show up with all materials needed and while I did not create a pin or brooch for myself, I see that they do need a helping hand to make since guests are working with such a small space!

For more info on BLFLORAL, go to their officialwebsite There, you willnot only see their gorgeous pre-made arrangements to order but you will see their winning philosophy, which is “Our success is based on a foundation of stunning floral artistry, experienced event management, and an impressive dedication to high-end customer service.  Our team of designers help you discover your voice and create a one-of-a-kind experience that brings your vision to life.”

They are the first floral business that I think of when I think of flowers perfectly tailored to an individual or their event. They are highly professional, creating sample floral arrangements before purchasing them in multiple for your event. They also will reach out to their sources to get unusual flowers and greens that other floral companies do not have access to or that are out of season. Their prices are must more reasonable than you would expect for a high-end NYC florist as well.

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