Lovin’ On Lavazza: The Legend Continues At A New Eatery Called Condividere

Everyone loves Lavazza because it gives you the real Italian coffee taste at home. Lavazza beans just have an aroma that rich, dark coffee lovers wish that they could smell 24/7! (Well, you probably could if you have a new pot going every hour on the hour, LOL!)

If you are a coffee lover and plan on visiting Turin, Italy towards the end of 2017, Condividere By Lavazza should be a “must” to visit. This coffee-centric eatery will be part of Lavazza’s high tech offices which will be an amazing 19,000 square feet and including a Lavazza Museum created by Ralph Applebaum, who created the Holocaust Memorial here in the US, a lush, green piazza open to the public, The Bistrot, a state-of-the-art employee cafeteria and a convention center.

Condividere By Lavazza is promising to be a coffee house unlike any other while serving the great assortment of classic Italian coffees that Lavazza has been known for since setting up shop in Turin way back in 1895. Condividere will  feature top level gastronomy and be a large modern open space that is about 500 square meters. Chef Ferran Adria is planning the menu as we go to press! The main concept behind Lavazza has always been “sharing with friends,” so there will be communal seating so guests can make new friends as well. (Naturally, there will also be plate sharing so that everyone gets a little taste of everything.)

The execs at Lavazza not only promise that the food and coffee will be memorable but that the space will be whimsical and unforgettable. The specific theme is being described as “like being suspended in time.” Three time Academy Award winning set designer Dante Ferretti will be designing the interior decor, so don’t be surprised if you feel like a movie star when hanging out at Condividere!

To keep up with this Eighth Coffee Wonder Of The World, follow its progress at http://www.lavazza.com

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